This is where all visitors can select the skin of their choice for this website. Blue Uncia's skinning feature uses Javascript and wouldn't have been possible without the wonderful tutorial provided by
Default 1 - uploaded on: 2006, July 23rd
Theme: Blue Uncia
This is the first default skin for Blue Uncia. It's main colors are white and blue and it also features the default banner with Blue Uncia on it. There is nothing fancy about this skin. It is simple, elegant and should work just fine on any browser that supports stylesheets (your browser does support stylesheets, right?).
Default 2 - uploaded on: 2006, July 23rd
Theme: Blue Uncia
The second default skin is black and has a more classy feel to it. It is still obviously related to the first skin (as it was intended to be), hence the name. It also features a fancy background image for the posts. Oh, and before I forget; all the default skins use websafe colors.
Default 3 - uploaded on: 2006, July 23rd
Theme: Blue Uncia
The last of the three default skins. If the first was too clean for you and if black depresses you, this is your skin. It features Blue Uncia's first skin with a background image on some pages. It also uses transparancy to make the text readable and the images visable.
Opacity code on websites tends to cause trouble on some browsers though, so older browsers might not be able to fully handle this skin. It should work just fine on common browsers such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla.
Retro Blue - original skin
Theme: Blue Uncia
This was Blue Uncia's first skin. It was supposed to be only temporary and at first I intended to delete it right after finishing the three default skins.
However, it sort of grew on me, so I decided to just go ahead and keep it. This skin is just about as simple as it gets. If you chose this skin, then you are just my kind of person. ^_^
This skin uses websafe colors and should not cause a lot of problems for most browsers.
Blazes - uploaded on: 2006, August 23rd
Theme: Female Uncia
To celebrate Blue Uncia's one month anniversary, I uploaded this new skin, called 'Blazes'. It features the rare and illusive female Uncia on a hotred background. I'm not much for the color red myself, but some people go ape over it. So I decided Blue Uncia couldn't go without a red skin...
Ah, who am I fooling. I guess I was just looking for an excuse to make another skin. ^_^
Dreaming in the sun - uploaded on: 2006, November 29th
Theme: Stuff of Legend
I finally cracked under the pressure of not having a SoL-themed skin for Blue Uncia, after having the comic up for a month. Actually, I had intended to make two SoL-skins, but that didn't quite work out the way I planned. I wanted to create an animated version of this skin's banner, for its twin skin. However, Photoshop was being an absolute pain when I drew this banner. The file might just have been a bit too big to handle; too ambitious, because Photoshop kept breaking up and shutting down. Basically it kept deleting my progress by shutting itself off, while rambling silly errornotes. So making a still picture was nightmarish enough, trying to make a moving one seemed downright impossible. Add to this that I... don't... really know how to use Flash... -_-'
Dreaming in the wind - uploaded on: 2007, February 1st
Theme: Stuff of Legend
Well, problems are there to be overcome! More than two months after the first SoL-themed skin, I'm proud to present the second one! And what do you know, it's animated! Sort of... I had to make the animation a bit more simple than I originally intended, to keep the file size down. I actually wanted to animate the clouds too, to make them come rolling by on a gentle breeze. However, that would have taken hundreds of frames. The current animation has 15 frames and is almost 2 MB, so you'll probably understand why I decided not to make something like that to be the banner of a website.
Anyway, if you have a slow internetconnection then this skin may make the website difficult to load. In that case you should stick to an unanimated skin, like the one above.

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