June 7th, 2008
Photoshop and drawingtablet

Here is my entry for the DPA contest. The assignment was to draw any of the human characters of that comic, so I decided to draw Duce and his brother Ace, with their current Pokémon. Ace has Scyther and Skarmory and Duce has Cubone and Abra. Well, he sort of has them, but I don't think he has officially captured them or anything. Maybe they're just tagging along.
Although Ace and Duce are brothers, they differ from each other like the day differs from the night. Ace is a top trainer who loves being with Pokémon. Duce is a bit of a clutz and hates Pokémon. I guess that's why he's freaked put about having Cubone and Abra following him around. They must seem like a couple of stalkers to him.

Although there is a lot of slapstick sillyness going on in DPA, I think there is a deeper thread in this comic too. Duce has to live in his older brother's shadow and is constantly being compared to Ace. He constantly has to measure up to his more succesful brother and he always ends up falling short. It's kinda tragic and it's sad that this actually happens very often in real life as well. Maybe, that's why Duce looks a little emo in this picture. Heh...

By the way, I think Ace's Scyther is a little nutty. ;)

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