December 24th, 2007
Photoshop and drawingtablet

I don't really know why I decided to make this crazy picture... I mean, I wanted to do a nice Christmas picture, and I decided to make it a mixed fanart picture for some other Pokémon webcomics. That way, I could say I made lots of people happy, while only having to draw one picture! So there are Pokémon from five different Pokémon-themed webcomics, including my own. Here's a list of the Pokémon, their trainers' names and which comics they come from:

Shiny Mightyena: 'Rocky' (running) - Brendan Richards
Combusken (jumping off the hill) - Brendan Richards
Linoone (running behind Chikorita) - May Birch
Grovyle (watching Combusken and Poliwag) - Wally Anderson

Ace of Abra
Abra (grinning, darker skin) - Ace
Machop (next to Mewtwo and Golem) - Ace
Chikorita (running behind Meowth) - Erin
Eevee (running behind Linoone) - Pinky
Raichu (running) - Pinky
Poliwag (sliding off the hill) - Keith
Meowth (running) - Keith

Disfunctional Pokémon Adventure
Cubone (standing behind Charmander) - Duce
Abra (winking, lighter skin) - Duce
Scyther (flying) - Ace

Just Gotta & Just Mewtwo
Mewtwo (background) - Currently without a trainer (GO FOR IT PEOPLE!! Meh, just kidding ^_^)
Male Rattata: 'Jaws' (running, bottom) - Hillaree Rawson
Charmander: 'Spyro' (next to Pikachu) - Hillaree Rawson
Weedle: 'Sting' (riding on Scyther's back) - Hillaree Rawson
Ponyta (running behind Mightyena) - Hillaree Rawson
Pikachu: 'Boltz' (behind Combusken) - Hillaree Rawson

Stuff of Legend
Female Rattata: 'Nami' (running, top) - Matt 'the Red'
Muk: 'Yuk' (sitting next to Grovyle) - Matt 'the Red'
Totodile: 'Nile' (sitting behind Charmander) - Matt 'the Red'
Jolteon: 'Aiko' (running behind Mightyena) - Sandy Gano
Persian: 'Tarim' (running) - Sandy Gano
Vulpix (running) - Subastion van der Wyck
Zubat (background) - Subastion van der Wyck
Quilava (running) - Wesley Miller
Golem: 'Darmani' (background) - Wesley Miller

In total, there are 29 Pokémon in this picture. I had to rush the linework, coloring and backgrounds (so basically the whole thing), to be able to finish it in time for Christmas. I hope you like it. There is also a larger, wall-paper sized version if you're interested. ^__^
There's a lot going on in this picture, but I won't spoil it all. I particularly like the snowball fight in the background. I guess no-one can beat a teleporting Abra in a snowball fight. No-one, except for perhaps another teleporting Abra...

Merry Christmas!

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