March 12th, 2009
Photoshop and drawingtablet


So, I know I said I wouldn't enter any contests for a while, but since The-Nexus has been so nice to me lately (gave me gift art and a cool new avatar for dA), I decided to enter her contest. :)
It's a pretty cool contest too. The basic idea was to get a bunch of her OC's, put 'em together with some of mine, sit back and watch them duke it out. That's right, the theme is 'fight'. It's tons of fun. :D

Mordecai (the blue creature) and Zoltan (the penguin-bear hybrid) both belong the Nexie, and apparently their best asset is teamwork. Well, it just so happens that Hemos and Keena are also a pretty good team. And Keena at least has plenty of fighting spirit for the two of them (Hemos is mostly a defensive fighter). In fact, Hemos usually even holds her back a little, to prevent her from seriously injuring their opponents.

I probably botched up Mordecai's design a bit. I know I messed up Hemos' face, which is awkward since he's my own character. I'm pretty happy with the way Keena and Zoltan turned out, though. :)

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