October 24th, 2008
Photoshop and drawingtablet

My entry for dragonghostangel's 'yum-yum-contest'. The assignment was to draw one of her characters eating or drinking... something. At first I wanted to draw the wolf like Srytol chasing (with the intent of eating) a glowy firefly, or something similar, because it reminded him of his own kind and their mating rituals (the Srytols having glowing body parts, used in mating rituals). But as I browsed through the other entries, I noticed a lot of the entrants had also drawn creatures eating glowing objects (there was even a picture of a Srytol eating a glowing piece of the moon, because it was part of said mating ritual)...

I figured I needed to do something slightly more novel... So I drew the gryphon Shadror who is eating (well, chewing)... Your flashlight... 'Cause he knows you're afraid of the dark. Shadror commands the shadows, so he likes the dark. Or something, I don't know either. I'm afraid this is probably one of the lamest contest entries I've made so far. Sorry dragon, I tried...
But at least I got to practice drawing and shading fur and feathers again. :)

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