August 12th, 2008
Photoshop and drawingtablet

*GASP* Ok, why do I keep making such insane pictures?
This is my entry for Unibomber703's contest. The contest's theme is 'All Things Change' and the assignment was to draw Unibomber's character, a ghost dragon called Neri. Neri has three forms: normal, holy and unholy. So I figured that the most sensible thing to do, was to draw her cycling through all three forms.
So in this picture, from bottom to top, Neri is shifting through her unholy, normal and holy forms. I know I've probably made some mistakes in the designs of the creature. For instance, I'm not sure if she's even supposed to have claws. When I was about half done, I took some time to browse through Unibomber's gallery. I found some additional reference sheets, which showed Neri having transparent wings.


Luckily I had drawn the wings on a separate layer, so making them transparent was a simple matter of adjusting the layer's opacity setting. I love Photoshop.
I'm surprisingly content with this picture, which is totally uncharacteristic for me. ^__^

Contest holder moved to a new DA-account: FireFeathers.

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