April 11, 2009
Photoshop and drawingtablet

Woot! It's about time I uploaded a decent picture again, rather than just sketchy ones. ^__^

This is my half of an art trade with the awesome xSheepi. I'm really happy that he agreed to do an art trade with me, even though he is very busy with college. His art always looks fantastic. There's only one downside to doing an art trade with him, and that's that he doesn't seem to have any OC's, well other than his two Pokémon trainers, Kylie and Sheepi. So when I asked him what he would like me to draw, he told me I could draw Kylie and her sadistic Pokémon, or I could 'do something crazyamazing, like mash a sheep with a dragon or something, and have it flying round breathing fire and eating grass'.

Come again?

So then I started thinking, and I asked myself, 'heck, why not do both?' It's not like Sheepi always sticks to one theme, like when he had my OC Blue Uncia, attack Solaris the Blaziken in his entry for my contest last year.
Okay Sheepster, you want crazyamazing? You've got it! Meet the Black Sheep! They've become quite fond of each other, it would seem. :)

By the way, I really like how that Crobat came out. I think I will also draw Sub's Zubat that way, once he finally decides to evolve.

And yes, I realize that the Sheep-Dragon looks strangely disproportionate. That was on purpose, trust me. It was never supposed to look like a serious dragon, so that is why it has a big head, a long neck, back and tail, and silly little legs and wings, which look as if they could never support the goofy thing. It's supposed to look ridiculous. ^__^

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