December 11th, 2008
Photoshop and drawingtablet

I call this picture 'Blue Uncia Buster' (BUB). An alternative title would have been: 'Ima Firin' Mah Lazors!!! 11111 ^^ *insert epic win song*'
I'll bet you guys didn't know that Unciae can fire energy beams from their mouths, right? Well, surprise! They can. :)

I'm pretty happy with this picture, even though I slightly messed up Blue's body proportions. And I also seem to fail at drawing energy beams for some reason. Still, quite happy with it. ^_^
Because this picture turned out rather... blue, I've decided to go ahead and enter it into nikkisour's color contest. The theme was, well... 'color'. Most of the other entrants have these super-colorful pictures, so I figured my more monochrome one might be a nice addition. Enjoy!

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