July 24th, 2010
Photoshop and drawingtablet

PCBCOS Entry: Round 3
Entrants: Sandy Gano and team
Opponent: Aka Kanda and his team (Edowaado)
Theme song: Link

Here's the cover page for my round 3 PCBC OS entry. Things are going to be a little different this time, because this entry will be a written one (don't worry, it'll have some illustrations too). While I regret that I couldn't do comics this time due to time restraints, I feel that the story will be a good one nonetheless. Better yet, I think that some of the aspects of the story work a lot better with a written piece than with a comic, so there you go.

And another thing... It's been years since the last time I wrote a proper story, and let me tell you this: I had forgotten how much freakin' fun it is to write. I seriously had a blast while writing all this, and I really hope you'll enjoy reading it too. ^^

Now before you start, you should know that this entry references the Black Tourney quite a lot, since both Sandy and my opponent's character were in that OCT. If you want to read up on that, please check out:

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Textures used for this cover: Blue Velvet Stock

PS. If you're wondering why Reaf is so small, it's because judging by Edowaado's art he seems to be a relatively small Raticate. Of course, I might be wrong...

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