June 22nd, 2010 - ... ...th, 2010
Photoshop and drawingtablet

Poke-fanclub PokeVenture: Round 2
Entrant: Moche
Partner: Frumgaar the shiny Cranidos (static-mcawesome)
Theme song: Link

Round 2 of the PokeVenture. I got the 'opponent' I requested, so I'm pretty stoked about that. I do think the rounds for this OCT are pretty close together. It might have been nice if there had been a week breathing-time between each one. Then again, this is 3-OCTs-lady talking, so of course that's what I'd want. XD

Page 1: June 22nd, 2010.
Cover page. Looming shadows are looming. Come on Moche! Don't cower in the background like that!

Piccolo the Cubone (Miyukitty)

Page 2: June 24th, 2010.
I don't know how Moche manages to lie on his back in panel 1 either.

Page 3: June 24th, 2010.
Billy sure can take a lot of punishment.

Page 4: June 24th, 2010.
She's right, Moche. It IS your lucky day. Or, days actually.

Page 5: June 25th, 2010.
I should probably have anticipated that the previous page would make some people think that Moche was, errr... forced to mate. I hope this page clears it up. It's more down to culture shock than anything else. Moche's reaction was something along the lines of:

"Y-you want to... with... me?"


"Uh, okay. But are you sure?"

Page 6: June 26th, 2010.
She's just angry that she can't see the Big Dipper. That's not an accurate representation of the night sky, by the way. I just started making stuff up halfway through.

Page 7: June 26th, 2010.
Duty calls. I guess they weren't just hugging on page 5 after all. XD

Page 8: June 26th, 2010.
The eggs don't have Scyther colors, because that's just silly.

Page 9: June 26th, 2010.
I imagine Zhaheera will take some flak for her attitude here, but you have to remember that for Scythers raising the young is female-only task. Having males around her egg is not only strange to her, it's also potentially dangerous. She's being a good mom by Scyther standards.

Page 10: June 26th, 2010.
Oh great, Clip's even CUTER as a newborn than he was as a kid...

Page 11: June 27th, 2010.
For the sake of chronology, let's say it takes about a year for a baby Scyther to learn how to fly, during which their mothers take care of them intensively. Zhaheera was only able to take care of Clip for a few months before she became ill.

Page 12: June 27th, 2010.
Left behind...

Page 13: June 27th, 2010.
I guess human habits aren't so bad after all.

Page 14: June 27th, 2010.
Adoption seems to be another alien concept for Scythers.

Page 15: June 27th, 2010.
Yeah, he's going to keep beating himself up over that Mewtwo-incident.

Page 16: June 29th, 2010.
And we're back to the present. Normally I'd be shading these pages, but there's no time for that.

Heh, the difference in height between Moche and Piccolo makes it kind of difficult to draw them having a conversation. XD

Page 17: June 30th, 2010.
Don't mess with mommy... Yes, I decided to shade after all...

Page 18: June 30th, 2010.
Having his manhood questioned is just about the last thing he needs.

Page 19: July 1st, 2010.
Things just get better and better.

Page 20: July 2nd, 2010.
Enter Frumgaar! His name is usually shortened to Gaar, but I'm quite partial to Frummy... :3

Page 21: July 2nd, 2010.
Piccolo's pink flower bucket doesn't exactly scream "evil Pokemon", does it?

Page 22: July 3rd, 2010.
It's official. I'm shipping GaarXPiccolo, and henceforth it shall be known as "Bucketshipping".

And by the way: yes, Gaar does know the difference between mothers and fathers. He's just rolling with it.

Page 23: July 3rd, 2010.
Yes, he had that card stashed inside Billy, and no, I don't know how he got it out...

Page 24: July 3rd, 2010.
It was only a matter of time...

Page 25: July 3rd, 2010.
Piccolo has spoken, and whatever she says goes.

Page 26: July 4th, 2010.
The theme of this round is "you discover a secret", so that's what's going to happen here.

Page 27: July 4th, 2010.
"Human Magic Stuff" is the perfect way to explain just about anything.

Thata the shiny Typhlosion (MissBabyWolf)

Page 28: July 4th, 2010.
From what I understood, she's quite small for a Typhlosion.

Page 29: July 5th, 2010.

Page 30: July 6th, 2010.

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