April 20th, 2010
Photoshop and drawingtablet

So uhm... Yeah... I'm entering yet another OCT. It's a small one (thank goodness), but it sounds like fun. Especially since for once you write from a Pokemon's point of view, rather than from a human trainer's. More information on the contest can be found here.
The template for the reference sheet is here.

So, Moche...

Basic info
Name: Moche
Gender: Male
Age: The human equivalent of late 20's to early 30's
Species: Scizor
Nature: Bashful
Ability: Swarm
Moves: Agility, Swords Dance, Baton Pass, X-scissor
Held item: Shed Shell
Relationships: A Scyther son named Clip; no other known relationships; no real friends

Moche was originally a tame Pokemon, but he couldn't adjust well enough to life as a fighter. He was bred and raised to battle, but he just wasn't cut out for it personality-wise. In the end, his trainer decided that the kindest thing was to release him into Kanto's Safari Zone, so that he could live out his life in relative peace.

Several years passed by, and Moche happily lived close to a swarm of local Scythers (Scizors are solitary for several reasons; and Moche is reserved around others). During that time, he got a son who he named Clip. He raised the youngster after his mother fell ill and died.

One day the Safari Zone was attacked by Team Rocket's poachers. They hauled out a large number of rare Pokemon, including the majority of Moche's neighbor Scythers. And his son. He was unable to stop the poachers, but mustering all his courage he did manage to track the Rockets down in Celadon City. Apparently his son was being held in a place called the Game Corner, and offered as a prize to visitors.

Moche looks like a big though Scizor, but he doesn't act like one. The sad fact is that his young son probably has more spunk than Moche does. He is extremely shy and not very confident about his fighting capabilities. Moche would rather run and hide than fight an opponent, especially one with a type advantage over him. He also has a bit of a yellow streak in him and can be quite high-strung, especially when under stress. Moche generally gets along with most Pokemon and people, as long as they're friendly, but he'll distrust shady characters. He doesn't easily make friends, and quite frankly he'd be perfectly happy to live out his life in solitude if need be. His son is the only person he really wants to be around.

If at all possible, he'll try to help others if they need it, but only if it doesn't put him in any immediate danger, or if it interferes with his primary goal: saving Clip.

Despite being a coward, and not caring too much about Pokemon he doesn't know that well (and he's usually not that interested in getting to know other mons either), Moche IS a pleaser. If a particularly helpless looking Pokemon turns to him for help, he has a hard time refusing, even if he is reluctant about it. He isn't a hero, but his softness sometimes forces him into sticky situations.

Physical appearance
Moche looks like a regular Scizor, but had his left horn clipped off during a sparring match with his son. Moche took it in good humor, and this event is the reason he started calling the young Scyther "Clip". Sparring matches are totally Clip's idea, by the way. Moche couldn't care less about them, but true to his species' nature, Clip wanted to learn how to fight.

Moche carries a Shed Shell on his back; it's a leftover from his days as a tame Pokemon. The held item is in fact the shed skin of a Nincada, which failed to change into a Shedinja. The Shed Shell allowed Moche to run away from any battle, and it allows him to use Baton Pass even if something like Mean Look has been used on him. People are usually freaked out by the thing, and are afraid to peer into the crack in its back. Moche doesn't really understand this. He rather likes having the thing around, as he knows it allows him to run away from battles. He'll almost never take it off. Sometimes, when he's completely alone, he'll talk to it (it's called "Billy", btw.). And no, Moche doesn't expect an answer back. He's not crazy or anything! XD

Battle strategies
Battle strategy number one is simple: AVOID FIGHTS IF POSSIBLE. This can be achieved by:
A. Running.
B. Hiding.
C. Running some more.
D. Negotiating/begging/pleading/flattering/intimidating/lieing/bribing.
E. Ditching another Pokemon he doesn't care too much about to fight in his place. (He won't easily do this if the other Pokemon looks like it might get hurt without him, though.)

Battle strategy number two: If he absolutely has to fight, Moche prefers to fight with a partner backing him up. He'll boost his stats, Baton Pass, and then cheer his partner on. He'll break off a fight as soon as the opportunity to flee presents itself (with or without his partner).

If all that doesn't help either, Moche has no choice but to fight. His stats are actually pretty good and he can really do some damage, but he doesn't realize that. He tends to hold back or freeze up.

Other information
Moche knows most type match-ups, and knows quite few advanced battle strategies, thanks to his background as a fighter. Unfortunately, this knowledge tends to make him more nervous, rather than more confident.

Moche is a pretty smart Pokemon (though not a genius or anything). He can understand most of the human language, he can read, and he can operate uncomplicated machinery. He is also fast to learn things by mimicking others. He can be surprisingly delicate with those pincers.

His son doesn't really know that Moche is the way he his. As far as he is concerned, his dad is the strongest Pokemon on the planet, second only to Arceus. Maybe. Moche did nothing to convince the kid otherwise, as it made hem feel a little better about himself.

Moche has a conscience; he'll feel bad about every request for help he turns down, for every Pokemon he abandons to fight on its own. But survival is more important to him. The only person he'd risk his life for is Clip, after all, unless he manages to truly befriend another Pokemon in the Rocket hideout...

Other moves include, but are not limited to:
Quick Attack, Leer, Focus Energy, Pursuit, False Swipe, Metal Claw, Fury Cutter, Slash, Razor Wind, Iron Defense, Night Slash, Double Hit, Iron Head, Bullet Punch, Feint, Hyper Beam, Hidden Power (fire), Protect, Brick Break, Double Team, Sandstorm, Aerial Ace, Facade, Rest, Thief, Steel Wing, Roost, Fling, Endure, Silver Wind, Giga Impact, Sleep Talk, Swagger, U-turn, Flash Cannon, Cut, Strength, Defog, Rock Smash, Knock Off, Ominous Wind, Swift, Superpower, Tailwind, Bug Bite, Headbutt, Counter, Safeguard, Reversal, Light Screen, Bug Buzz, Wing Attack, Air Slash, Vacuum Wave

Note: Yes, that's a lot of moves (most are from leveling up, or egg moves; the rest are there because his trainer went a little TM-happy on him). These are for tourney participants who wish to go beyond the four-move-limit in their stories. Personally, I think I'll stick to just the official four moves Moche has.

So that's Moche. He's a bit of a rush-job, as you can probably tell from the line art on the ref. But I rather like him. If he looks familiar, that might be because I recycled him from this. He has a new background now though, so in a way it's a totally new character, right? And sorry about the long bio. XD

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