April 3rd, 2010
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Reference sheet for the PCBCOS OCT. The audition is here.


General info
Real name: Sandy Gano
Fake name: Janie Robinson
Age: 21 years old
Occupation: Package deliverer (private enterprise), former Kanto-champ
Height: 5,74 ft. or 1,75 M.
Build: slim, slightly athletic

Other reference pictures and information: age chart, PSC BT reference sheet, BT Round 1 entry, BT Round 2 entry, BT Round 3 entry, BT Round 4 entry, BT Round 5 entry, Stuff of Legend (main webcomic), SoL cast page (tad outdated).

You can find most of her background info right here, so I'll be brief. Five years ago Sandy managed to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming the Kanto champion. However, during the final match, which was quite brutal, she found out that it was actually not what she wanted at all. She withdrew from competitive battling - even failing to show up next year to defend her title. This earned her the wrath of the Pokemon League and several of her former fans.

Sandy has been keeping a low profile ever since. In many ways her fear of being recognized can almost be classified as paranoia, as few people actually recognize her. And most of those who do, don't really care about who she is. However, there are some very disgruntled and fanatical ex-fans out there, who really do stalk her.

Because Sandy no longer fights on a regular basis, she is usually flat broke. She runs a private delivery service to take care of herself and her Pokemon. Of course, going back home to her mother is always an option, but she'd rather take care of herself. (And yes, Sandy and her mother do keep in touch.)

Canon info
Since this is a character I use a lot, I'll just write down some info on how the PCBC OS fits into my timeline. Just in case anyone cares (it's not that important). In my interpretation, Sandy's participation in the PCBC OS takes place about one or two months AFTER the Black Tourney event, during which the Contest Hall suffered a hostile takeover by the MC.

The main webcomic, Stuff of Legend takes off a few months after PCBC OS, so that she and her Pokemon will have had enough time to fully recover.

In other words, she doesn't know Matt or Sub yet, but she does know the people who played a part in the BT.

At age 21, Sandy has already seen most of what life can dish out, and so few things surprise her. Few things, except for the stupidity some people exhibit, that is… She is generally friendly, but quiet and reserved around strangers. She doesn't make friends easily, but once she does befriend someone she tends to become talkative around them.

People will generally see her as a somewhat melancholy, mysterious and at times even sarcastic person, but that's only half the story. Sandy genuinely wants to have a good time, but has trouble letting herself go.

Young, spunky and ambitious trainers amuse her, as they remind her of younger herself. Sandy has a soft spot for them, and can't help but take them under her wing. She might even start teaching them about training and battling (even if she wasn't asked for help, or if she told herself she wouldn't). Sandy just can't help it. However, there is a thin line between spunky and obnoxious. She doesn't like loud people, especially the ones who are full of themselves. Despite her wanting to keep a low profile, Sandy can't help but want to put them in their place. Her pride won't allow her to lose against particularly obnoxious people.

If put under stress, Sandy can become irritable, which she might vent on people around her with short, grumpy answers to their questions. Such episodes usually don't last very long, and Sandy will always feel sorry for scapegoating someone afterwards.

- Quite a stickler for rules.
- Has a problem with remembering names, especially when meeting new people. She'll get it right on occasion and will also learn names properly if she hangs out with people long enough, but in most cases she'll just get it flat-out wrong. It'll usually be close, though (e.g. "Matt" becomes "Marv", etc). Pokemon nicknames cause fewer problems, but she may still get them wrong too. That's why instead she will often say something like: "Your *insert species name here* fought well!"
- Because of her problem with names, she'll also forget which fake names she registered for herself and her team during the PCBC OS. Let hilarity ensue!
- Sandy tends to over-rationalize life. In a dangerous or unexpected situation this might lead to something experts call "paralysis by analysis". This used to happen to Sandy quite a lot, but it is now less of a problem. Experience has taught her to also rely on her instincts, not just on her mind. This works well in battles, but she has yet to learn to do the same thing in regular situations... Hence, no boy-friend… (Scared 'em all off with her what-are-YOU-looking-at face...)
- Has the tendency to think out loud sometimes, though not during a fight.
- Is scared of heights, and in particular of flying on a Pokemon's back at high speed.
- Tends to be complacent sometimes, due to feeling as if nothing could happen to her (too strong, too experienced, blah blah blah). So she has a history of for instance forgetting to bring enough Pokemon medicine. (In SoL she even went out one day with only her Steelix for protection… and it was ASLEEP.)

The primary goal is simple: win money to help rebuild the Contest Hall, after it was practically destroyed during the BT. Sandy has no flashy reasons beyond that. She's not out to prove herself, nor to improve her team. If she wins, she'll hoard the money and spend as little of it as possible. She does this by living cheap.

This has nothing to do with actually BEING cheap, but more with just being used to living that way, AND having to send all the cash directly to Zing, BB and Sara, the PSC hosts.

There is also a secondary goal: deep down Sandy hopes she'll be eliminated as quickly as possible. She'll try to lose, though not in a very obvious fashion, so that she can go back to Zing and co. and say: "Sorry! I really tried! Can I go now?"

In battle
Normal situations: Depending on the situation, Sandy will give few instructions. Her Pokemon are all experienced and know how to handle themselves. So they don't require anything beyond single-word commands, or sometimes even none at all. However, you can tell if Sandy is trying out a new strategy when she suddenly gives a command in the form of a full sentence.

In battle Sandy is a no-nonsense trainer. Unless she's trying to make a point, she won't draw it out for too long. However, this might make her a little predictable at times.

PCBC OS: Deep down Sandy wants to lose. This changes the way she fights. Instead of giving proper orders, she might give none at all, or give stupid ones. She may also play out Pokemon with type disadvantages on purpose. She will try to make it look like an actual battle though, as she doesn't want Zing and co. to catch on to any deliberate loses. However, as mentioned, her pride won't allow her to lose to people who annoy her.

Current physical and mental state
Sandy is still recovering from the rather traumatic events which occurred during the Black Tourney. It's something she'd rather not talk about, partly because she's a little hazy on the details anyway, particularly about how the whole thing ended.

The BT left her with an injured right ankle. It is still healing, but no longer hurts as badly. Sandy doesn't need to wear a brace anymore, but she still limps a little at times. She'll avoid running and other intense physical activities for now. She also seems to need more sleep than usual, probably as a result of having to operate at peak performance and under life-threatening circumstances for so long.

Mentally Sandy is well on her way to revert to her friendlier, more cheerful self, as seen in SoL. She's still scared of being recognized, and doesn't like the idea of being forced into a tournament, but her current mantra seems to be: "Hey, at least I'm still alive, happy and healthy!"

Sandy seems to have learned from her BT experiences and now lugs a large bag of trainer supplies around. She's not going to run out of potions and medicine again any time soon! She's also taught many of her Pokemon how to use Rest and other recovery and protection moves. But how long will it be, before she becomes complacent again?

Sandy entered her championship team (excluding Solaris and Candy). This is odd, especially since she wants to lose, but she seems to think her team will take a loss if ordered to.

She's very, very wrong...

Do's and don'ts (we were supposed to give these too, right?)
- Sandy typically doesn't swear, though she might mince her oaths.
- She'll outright lie about her background as a champ.
- She avoids introducing herself by her real name. If she absolutely has to, she'll only give her first name.
- Sandy is reason-driven, and quite battle-hardened. She's unlikely to have an emotional break-down, and if she does have one she'll recover quickly. Few things make her flinch, so in a really rough fight she'll be more than a match. She wouldn't freeze up easily. But she'd be unlikely to start a fight like that herself.
- Sandy is quite withdrawn around strangers. She won't easily get all touchy-feely (e.g. by hugging) people unless they are her friends, or if she is trying to comfort someone. And even then she'd be awkward about it.
- Sandy won't order her Pokemon to attack people. Some of her Pokemon might do it behind her back, though, if provoked.
- She won't push a fight to continue if it means she'll badly injure the opponent. Not unless it's against some sort of psychotic wackjob, at least, or if she has a VERY good reason.
- I don't mind a rough/brutal fight, but no maiming and killing please. :3


Actual nickname: Cinder
Tourney nickname: - (doesn't need one)

Species: Charizard
Gender: Male
Ability: Blaze
Nature: Relaxed
Held Item: Charcoal (ate it)
Ball type: Pokeball

Physical appearance: Cinder is a rather big Charizard with a scar running diagonally across his face. His tail flame is extra large, due to the Charcoal he ingested. He is in great physical shape due to the many pair-bonding flights he performs with Kyris.

Moveset: Dragon Dance, Fly, Rock Slide, Flamethrower, Blast Burn

Non-active moves include, but are not limited to: Dragon Claw, Shadow Claw, Air Slash, Smokescreen, Scary Face, Fire Fang, Slash, Wing Attack, Heat Wave, Flare Blitz, Focus Punch, Sunny Day, Hyper Beam, Solarbeam, Earthquake, Iron Tail, Dig, Rest, Steel Wing, Attract, Roost, Overheat, Dragon Pulse, Endure, Focus Blast, Will-o-Wisp, Swords Dance, Swagger, Defog, Air Cutter, Ominous Wind, Outrage, Thunderpunch, Swift, Mud-slap, Tailwind, Belly Drum, Crunch, Metal Claw, Counter, Rage

Background: Being a Kanto trainer, Sandy was not supposed to get a Torchic as her starter, but due to circumstances this is exactly what happened. The Charmander she was supposed to get was then assigned to another trainer, but the Charmander did not approve of this idea at all. He escaped from the lab, tracked Sandy down and demanded to be caught.

Things went great for a while, but Cinder became more and more focused on outdoing Solaris. This started to affect his performance, which is why Sandy decided that having them both on the same team was a bad idea. Solly became part of the championship team, while Cinder got sent to Sandy's mom. Cinder still regrets that he wasn't able to fight in the championships, though he does like Sandy's mother a lot.

Relationships: While he gets along with Solaris, and respects him greatly, Cinder considers him a rival. He won't actually challenge Solaris for his position, which is why the Blaziken is mostly oblivious to the one-sided rivalry, but he will try to prove his superiority to him whenever there's a chance. Kyris is Cinder's mate, and he loves her deeply. There are no babies… yet… The relationship with the rest of the team is quite neutral. He tries to be best pals with Tarim, just like Solaris, but the Persian thinks he's trying just a little bit too hard. So he'll pull pranks on the Charizard, much like he used to do with Solaris. As expected, the relationship with Fang is rocky. Fang gave him that scar on his snout when Cinder tried to assert her dominance over the Scyther. What will happen between them during the PCBC OS is anyone's guess.

Personality: If Cinder had been born a Torchic, you could have sworn he was Solly's younger brother. The two are that much alike, personality-wise. Both are relaxed, easy-going and fun-loving. There are a few differences, though. Cinder is a bit more out-going than Solaris, and has no problems at all with beating up smaller Pokemon in a battle if needed. He's quick to forgive and forget, and seems to expect others to do the same.

Becoming Solly's replacement on the PCBC OS team is like a dream come true for Cinder. He is determined to show that he is better than the Blaziken, and will absolutely NOT take a loss if ordered to. He also seems to think he is now officially the team leader and acts accordingly, much to the amusement of the other Pokemon.

Battle strategy: Cinder has a flamboyant and rather showy battle style, especially when Sandy, Solaris or Kyris are watching. His main strategy is to fly up and use long-distance attacks on his opponent, but he may also swoop down and attack close-range.

Actual nickname: Kyris
Tourney nickname: - (doesn't need one)

Species: Dragonite
Gender: Female
Ability: Inner Focus
Nature: Bold
Held Item: Lax Incense (in a small container, tucked under a pink scarf around the left arm)
Ball type: Safari Ball

Physical appearance: Kyris is a normal looking Dragonite, with a pink scarf around her left arm.

Moveset: Thunder Wave, Ice Beam, Hyper Beam, Earthquake, Dragon Rush

Non-active moves include, but are not limited to: Fire Punch, Thunderpunch, Roost, Leer, Twister, Slam, Agility, Aqua Tail, Safeguard, Dragon Dance, Wing Attack, Outrage, Dragon Claw, Water Pulse, Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Roar, Toxic, Iron Tail, Thunder, Double Team, Brick Break, Shock Wave, Rock Tomb, Aerial Ace, Rest, Attract, Steel Wing, Focus Blast, Dragon Pulse, Giga Impact, Stone Edge, Captivate, Fly, Surf, Whirlpool, Waterfall, Draco Meteor, Dive, Iron Head, Light Screen, Mist, Haze, Extremespeed

Background: Kyris was caught in the Safari Zone in Kanto. Though weak at first, she soon became one of Sandy's most powerful Pokemon. However, when Cinder was removed from the championship team she pined away in his absence. Sandy had no choice but to send Kyris over to her mother's place as well, so she could be with her mate.

Relationships: Kyris is Cinder's mate. She is friendly with most of the other Pokemon in Sandy's team, though she's not overly cuddly. She generally tries to avoid Fang.

Personality: Kyris is easy to please. She just wants her mate, her food, a warm place to sleep and plenty of room to play around in. She is friendly, but a little distant towards others, even within her own team. She is a day dreamer, and the fact that she is a very powerful fighter means little to her. It's convenient, but nothing more. In a fight she's pretty straight-forward. Battles bore her, so the sooner she can wrap it up, the better. She doesn't care whether she'll win or lose, unless Cinder is cheering her on. He seems to care a lot about winning, so for his sake she'll go the extra mile. Whether or not she'll take a loss if ordered to depends on the circumstances.

Battle strategy: Kyris is, simply put, a powerhouse and she's possibly Sandy's strongest Pokemon. She has a wide range of close-range and long-range attacks, though she prefers to stay at a distance, just like Cinder. While she can be used for strategic matches, she is most commonly used when something needs some serious pummeling. She and Cinder also make a killer tag team.

Actual nickname: Tarim
Tourney nickname: Romeo

Species: Persian
Gender: Male
Ability: Limber
Nature: Sassy
Held Item: Black Glasses
Ball type: Pokeball
Physical appearance: Tarim retained his Meowth whiskers when he evolved, but is otherwise completely normal.

Moveset: Swagger, Water Pulse, Night Slash, Slash, Thunderbolt

Non-active moves include, but are not limited to: Switcheroo, Bite, Fake Out, Screech, Faint Attack, Taunt, Power Gem, Nasty Plot, Assurance, Captivate, Fury Swipes, Feint, Roar, Toxic, Iron Tail, Thunder, Dig, Shadow Ball, Shock Wave, Aerial Ace, Torment, Facade, Rest, Attract, Thief, Snatch, Embargo, Shadow Claw, Payback, Flash, Psych Up, Dark Pulse, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, U-Turn, Substitute, Knock Off, Last Resort, Spite, Gunk Shot, Headbutt, Assist, Flail, Odor Sleuth, Punishment, Pay Day

Background: Tarim was originally bred and raised to be a highly prized contest Pokemon, but he was terribly unruly and had no interest in contests, so he ran away at a relatively young age to try his luck in the wild. He quickly established a reign of terror over wild Pokemon and humans alike. Having heard rumors about the troublesome Meowth, Sandy came to investigate and eventually managed to capture him. He was her second Pokemon ever. Though he disliked her at first, his new trainer quickly grew on him, especially after he found out about her dream to challenge the League.

Relationships: Tarim is best buds with Solaris. He also has a big-brother-little-sister relationship with Aiko. The rest of the team required some time for him to get used to. He had fights with just about all of them. Only Quartz posed no problems, as the Steelix was very non-confrontational. But then, he sleeps most of the time anyway… Fang however… Tarim is secretly afraid of him, though he won't ever admit that.

Personality: Tarim has a wild past, but today he's more of a wannabe rebel than an actual one. He claims to be independent and wild, but he really loves his trainer. He's also sassy to the core, and a real player and a flirt. He probably already has a lot of offspring scattered throughout the country.

But all this is just the outer shell. Deep down Tarim is insecure about his abilities, and feels as if he is too weak to still be on the team. He continually tries to prove himself and hates to lose. So no, he won't take a loss if ordered to.

Battle strategy: Tarim is a trickster. When he fights, he prefers to do it while annoying his opponent as much as possible. If at all possible, he'll also slap on a dash of humiliation for good measure.

Actual nickname: Aiko
Tourney nickname: Sparks

Species: Jolteon
Gender: Female
Ability: Volt Absorb
Nature: Rash
Held Item: -
Ball type: Pokeball

Physical appearance: Aiko is a regular Jolteon.

Moveset: Thunder Wave, Attract, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Double Kick

Non-active moves include, but are not limited to: Helping Hand, Sand-Attack, Quick Attack, Pin Missile, Thunder Fang, Last Resort, Agility, Thunder, Discharge, Roar, Light Screen, Rain Dance, Iron Tail, Dig, Shock Wave, Secret Power, Rest, Charge Beam, Endure, Flash, Substitute, Magnet Rise, Mud-slap, Heal Bell, Charm, Wish, Covet, Detect, Bite, Baton Pass, Take Down

Background: When she first joined the team, she was a young Eevee. Aiko was the baby of the team, and required a lot of attention and protection. Things changed after she evolved. Aiko became a speedy special sweeper. She is currently one of the strongest attackers of the team.

Relationships: Aiko gets along with just about everyone in the team, but she's particularly close to Tarim and Candy. Tarim in particular is like a big brother to her. Though she is a lot more mature now, she still constantly asks him questions about anything and everything.

Personality: Aiko is rash and naïve. She will bolt straight into battle without really thinking. She's also still very playful. Aiko appears to have picked up a few of Tarim's personality traits. Not only does she sometimes behave like a cat; she also likes to pull pranks. Hers are considerably more innocent than Tarim's practical jokes, though.

Battle strategy: Aiko has a very straight-forward battle style. Rush in, zap the opponent, rush out. She's not very good at lengthy battles though. Aiko has no real idea of how powerful her shocks are, so she might get a little carried away at times. She's obedient, so if Sandy tells her to lose a match, she'll try. But it's difficult for her to hold back.

Actual nickname: Fang Sca
Tourney nickname: Blade

Species: Scyther
Gender: Male
Ability: Swarm
Nature: Lonely
Held Item: -
Ball type: Net Ball

Physical appearance: Fang is a regular Scyther, with a cross-shaped scar on its back.

Moveset: Morning Sun, Night Slash, X-scissor, Slash, Aerial Ace

Non-active moves include, but are not limited to: Quick Attack, Focus Energy, Pursuit, False Swipe, Agility, Wing Attack, Fury Cutter, Razor Wind, Double Team, Double Hit, Air Slash, Swords Dance, Vacuum Wave, Feint, Hyper Beam, Brick Break, Facade, Rest, Thief, Steel Wing, Roost, Silver Wind, Giga Impact, U-Turn, Cut, Endure, Defog, Rock Smash, Swift, Knock Off, Ominous Wind, Bug Bite, Baton Pass, Reversal, Light Screen, Bug Buzz

Note: There is a perfectly legitimate way for Scyther to learn Morning Sun in Pokemon XD: Gales of Darkness.

Background: Not much is known about Fang's past. Sandy got him in a trade with someone from the Orre region and he was the last Pokemon to be added to the team. He is quite anti-social and sometimes has violent outbursts. He used to have problems following orders, but nowadays Sandy has him under reasonable control. Still, she'll try to avoid using Fang in matches if possible, as he takes them way too seriously. He was partially responsible for the fact that Sandy's championship match went so wrong.

Relationships: Fang seems to hate everyone.

Personality: At first glance, Fang appears to be a psycho, but there is more to it. If you leave him alone, he'll leave you alone. However, challenge him and he'll take it very seriously. He has come close to killing other Pokemon. All that said, Fang doesn't actually have malicious intent. He does not actively seek out trouble.

Recently a new personality trait surfaced in him. When Sandy, Candy and Solaris got locked inside the Contest Hall during the BT, Fang found himself left outside with Quartz, Tarim and Aiko. He displayed some remarkable leadership skills as he guided the small group into the building, broke up fights and found his way back to his trainer.

Battle strategy: Like all Scythers, Fang fights quickly, efficiently and with honor, but unlike them he sees every fight as a life-or-death brawl. Sandy can hold him back, but must monitor his emotional state carefully.

Actual nickname: Quartz
Tourney nickname: Chomp

Species: Steelix
Gender: Male
Ability: Sturdy
Nature: Relaxed
Held Item: Chesto Berry (hidden in a dental implant)
Ball type: Pokeball

Physical appearance: Quartz is just a regular male Steelix.

Moveset: Block, Protect, Rest, Flail, Earthquake

Non-active moves include, but are not limited to: Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Mud Sport, Harden, Bind, Screech, Rage, Rock Tomb, Sandstorm, Slam, Rock Polish, Dragonbreath, Iron Tail, Crunch, Double-edge, Stone Edge, Curse, Toxic, Roar, Dig, Endure, Dragon Pulse, Explosion, Payback, Gyro Ball, Stealth Rock, Psych Up, Dark Pulse, Rock Slide, Sleep Talk, Flash Canon, Strength, Rock Smash, Rock Climb, Snore, Magnet Rise, Aqua Tail, Iron Head, Rollout, Defense Curl, Rock Blast, Sand Tomb, Twister, Ancientpower, Earth Power, Substitute

Background: Sandy received an egg from a breeder who appeared to have a surplus. The Onix that hatched turned out to be a very sleepy fellow. Quartz is Sandy's main tank, but he is rather difficult to train due to his size, bulk and tendency to fall asleep at the most inconvenient of times...

Relationships: Quartz gets along with everyone. He is even more laid back than Solaris, and in many ways he is the real peacekeeper of the team.

Personality: Not much is known about this Pokemon, because he sleeps so much. What is known is that he is friendly, relaxed and rather gentle. He likes to snuggle with his trainer (a bit too much for comfort) and also enjoys the company of his team mates. He will fight if he must (and if you can wake him up). He'll also gladly take a loss if ordered to, as it means he can go back to sleep.

Battle strategy: Quartz is the tank of the team. His main battle technique literally involves sitting there and letting the opponent hit him over and over again. In a double battle he'll try to block any incoming attacks for his partner as well. He has won matches without even dealing a single blow, simply because his opponent ran out of steam and gave up. That said, Quartz can also go on the offensive if he wants to.

Reserve: Sandy has two Pokemon in reserve, but as they are both recovering from the BT, it is unlikely that she'll use them.

Actual nickname: Solaris (often shortened to Solly)
Tourney nickname: Birdie (Sandy's way to get back at Solaris for the sacrifice stunt he pulled in the BT)

Species: Blaziken
Gender: Male
Ability: Blaze
Nature: Relaxed
Held Item: Quick Claw
Ball type: Pokeball

Physical appearance: Solly is a normal, if rather beefy Blaziken. He currently sports some bandages around his waist and chest.

State: Solly took a lot of damage during the BT, most notably when a bomb exploded in his face. The injuries on his face have mostly healed now and his vision is also restored, but he still has some chest and gut injuries. In addition, Solly seems to sleep more than usual, just like his trainer.

Moveset: Bulk Up, Agility, Aerial Ace, Blaze Kick, Sky Uppercut

Non-active moves include, but are not limited to: Rest (learned after BT), Fire Punch, Mega Punch, Mega Kick, Focus Energy, Quick Attack, Slash, Brave Bird, Flare Blitz, Roar, Focus Punch, Sunny Day, Protect (learned after BT), Solar Beam, Earthquake, Return, Flamethrower, Rock Tomb, Facade, Overheat, Focus Blast, Shadow Claw, Endure, Stone Edge, Rock Slide, Poison Jab, Cut, Strength, Rock Smash, Rock Climb, Blast Burn, Thunderpunch, Knock Off, Vacuum Wave, Bounce, Superpower, Feint, Mirror Move

Background: Solaris is Sandy's starter, and as such they share the closest bond. He started out as a fat and rather lazy Torchic, but Sandy drilled him into shape in no time. He only gained confidence as a fighter a few weeks after he evolved into a Combusken.

Relationships: Solaris gets along with just about all the members in his team. He is treated as the unofficial leader, but in reality there is no real leader. Solly is particularly close to Tarim, his old partner in mischief, and to Candy who he calls his 'little sister'. He also enjoys Aiko's company a lot and is often seen playing fetch with her. Solaris does not get along particularly well with Fang, due to their history and differences in opinion on battling. They have an uneasy truce at the moment.

Personality: Solly is relaxed, friendly and extremely easy-going. He prefers sleeping and eating over fighting, but has had enough discipline drilled into him to also fight if required. Solaris has a soft spot for younger and smaller Pokemon, because they remind him of himself back when he was a Torchic (much like how Sandy likes being around younger trainers). If he sees a larger Pokemon bullying a smaller one, you can bet there will be trouble.

If ordered to, Solaris will take a loss. He doesn't really mind.

Battle strategy: Solaris is Sandy's heavy hitter. He's a tad on the slow side, so Sandy might have him boost first and attack later. Other than that, Solaris is pretty much strategy-less. He'll just kick and punch until the opponent stops moving.

Actual nickname: Candy
Tourney nickname: Snoozie

Species: Hypno (shiny)
Gender: Female
Ability: Insomnia
Nature: Quirky
Held Item: Leftovers (hidden somewhere on her person, nobody really knows where)
Ball type: Pokeball

Physical appearance: Candy is a shiny Hypno, so she's pink. Because she doesn't have Hypnosis as one of her active battle moves, she wears her pendulum as a necklace. She also has to thick locks of hair on either side of her face. Everything else is just my personal interpretation of her as a member of her species.

State: Like Solaris, Candy took a beating during the BT. Though not as badly injured, Candy is very fatigued due to over-exertion in round 5 of the BT. Because of her Insomnia ability Candy does not sleep to recover from the BT, like Solaris and Sandy do. Instead she meditates to simulate REM-cycles in her brain (one hemisphere at the time). Under normal circumstances Candy requires about 3 hours of meditation per day. Now she needs 10 to 12.

Moveset: Double Team, Swagger, Shadow Ball, Psychic, Focus Blast

Non-active moves include, but are not limited to: Rest, Fire Punch, Thunderpunch, Focus Punch, Low Kick, Meditate, Ice Punch, Assist, Barrier, Teleport, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Psych Up, Nightmare, Switcheroo, Disable, Poison Gas, Nasty Plot, Zen Headbutt, Future Sight, Psybeam, Calm Mind, Light Screen, Safeguard, Brick Break, Reflect, Skill Swap, Thunder Wave, Drain Punch, Flash, Grass Knot, Substitute, Trick Room, Signal Beam, Magic Coat, Guard Swap

Background: Candy was originally caught as a Drowzee. Though wild-caught, Sandy found out that she was very talented and started using her extensively. Candy was very shy at first, and rather self-conscious about her appearance. This didn't change much after she evolved. Even though she is rather beautiful for a member of her species, Candy thinks she is unattractive. The sight of a feminine Pokemon like Gardevoir is usually enough to send her into a jealous fit.

Relationships: Candy had a rocky start in the team, as Tarim in particular made life hard on her. The Meowth hated changes, so he pestered almost every new team member, Candy included. He called her "Piggy". She punched his teeth out. Their relationship has improved a great deal now, to the point where they sometimes teach each other new moves. He still calls her "Piggy", though. Candy is also close to Solaris, who seems extra protective of her. She still considers Aiko the baby of the team, while she likes to engage in 'girl talk' with Kyris.

Personality: Outside of battle, Candy is a fairly friendly Pokemon, who has taken on quite a lot of her trainer's personality traits. She can be kind, confident and sometimes even silly. If pushed the wrong way, she can also develop a bit of a mean side. She is blessed with a healthy dose of critical insight, even towards her own trainer. If Sandy does something dumb, Candy will sigh and shake her head. She also thinks the idea of taking a loss on purpose is rather stupid, but will do it if she isn't too annoyed by the opponent.

She and Sandy share an unconscious psychic bond. It is not enough for them to communicate through, but it does make them more in tune to each other's emotions. They can even sense each other's presence within a reasonable distance. Neither of them are aware of this bond.

Battle strategy: Most Hypno use tricky strategies. They will attempt to hypnotize, confuse and poison their opponents. But Candy favors a far more direct approach. She prefers to just blast her opponents to itty-bitty little pieces. But she can be far more versatile than that, if needed. She can also tank, stall and engage in lengthy stat-changer battles.

And so ends one very lenghty bio. I apologize for how long it is. It's probably way to complicated and overly thought-out for an OCT ref. So to any of my future opponents out there: take from this what you need, but please don't feel limited to what I wrote down here, kay? As long as it isn't grossly OoC, I don't mind. Also, I forgot to point out that Sandy's Pokemon do not speak the human language, nor does Sandy understand Pokemon speech. Sometimes I just have the Pokemon chat among themselves, while the humans understand none of it... ^^

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