February 16th, 2010 - April 5th, 2010
Photoshop and drawingtablet

Entry for: Pokémon Super Contests
Black Tourney: spectator round 5 (theme: 'Payback', subtheme: Save a Judge)
Entrants: Sandy Gano, Solaris and Candy
Opponent: -

Guess who got eliminated in the previous round? Okay, now guess who decided to go ahead and do spectator entries regardless? That's right: ME!! Now I KNOW I'm losing it! ^^

Page 1: February 16th, 2010.
Well, if you thought Solaris was tough... you're right, but Sandy wouldn't have been champ-material if her team had only one powerhouse in it, right? Prepare yourself for some Candy-time! Just as guaranteed to make you lose your teeth as the sugary treats that go by the same name. ^^

Page 2: February 20th, 2010.
This is Sheepi's way of saying: "Oh no!! The poor girl is bleeding out, I must find her quickly!!". I've decided to save Sheepi this round, because I don't think Chief needs to be saved. He has a giant tortoise with canons mounted to its shoulders, a tiny gangster and a minigun. The man can take care of himself.

Page 3: February 20th, 2010.
You know what they say about curiosity, right?

Page 4: February 20th, 2010.
Dawwwwww, it's okay Sheepi. We still love you! And now for a totally non-recycled joke:

A wild BigBadComplex appeared! What will SHEEPI do?


Page 5: February 20th, 2010.
Dang, that guy has some suppressed frustrations!

Page 6: February 21st, 2010.
What? I'm only using this fight as an excuse to draw more Croconaws? Nah, I don't know what you're talking about! :3

Page 7: February 21st, 2010.
Metagross may be made of steel, but the Feraligatr-line chomps straight through that stuff. Heheheheh... Wimpy steel...

Page 8: February 21st, 2010.
Whooo, good job Nile! I mean, Steve! Yes. On a different note: I'm drawing Surt without using any references. So that's why his legs keep changing shape.

Page 9: February 23rd, 2010.
Well, it was worth a shot. Come on Sheeps, THINK!

Page 10: February 24th, 2010.
What? Now WAIT! Sheeps, I said "Think", not "Soak Solly"!!

Page 11: February 25th, 2010.
Solly used RAAAAGE!! (Or you know, he would if Blazikens could learn Rage.)

Page 12: February 26th, 2010.
Solly used STRRRREENGTH!!! And whatever it is you do to make wet chains catch fire...

Sheepi, you cunning fox you! You totally deserve to get away with this!!

Page 13: February 27th, 2010.
... But you're totally not GONNA!!

Plot devices. They always pop up when you're busy gloating, don't they?

Oh, and Solly used BLAST BUUUURN!!

Page 14: February 28th, 2010.
Poor Solly... At least he's being a royal pain in the rear-end.

In this round the hosts are slowly slipping out of the MC's mind control. While having them drop on their knees and scream "please save me" at random intervals sounds fun too, I imagine the earliest stages will involve skull-splitting headaches, irritability and separation-fear.

Alternative plot: As mentioned, I had two different versions for this round's plot. My initial storyline had BB deciding that capturing Solly was not worth risking his life for. So instead of fighting, he and Surt poof away to safety. Solly rages on for a while, until he runs out of steam and collapses on the floor. At this point he is overcome his physical state, and he can hardly move. As you also might have guessed already, Solly isn't exactly in his right state of mind either. In pain, barely conscious and presumably drugged to keep him sedate (HAH!), he is unaware of his surroundings and only knows that he is not with his trainer. Crawling on hands and knees, he eventually stumbles upon the unconscious form of another Pokémon chained to the wall. Now for this role I had various candidates in mind. Nicole's Espeon was one, Jikan's Quipaw (Mightyena) was another, but who I REALLY wanted to use was Anne Louise's Hamlet (Nidorino) because of his personality.

Anyway, feeling the other Pokémon, Solly senses it has four legs, long ears and is kind of spikey. Muddled as he is, he immediately jumps to the conclusion that it is Aiko, Sandy's Jolteon. This distresses him very much, since he still considers her the team's pup/baby and he thinks she's hurt. He pretty much almost has a mental breakdown and cries. So he snaps the chain attached to Hamlet's neck, lifts him up and staggers out of the room and into the hallways, all the while telling "Aiko" not to worry and that he'll find her some help...

Page 15: February 28th, 2010.
Back to sulking Sandy. She sure likes hanging out in those vents, huh?

Page 16: February 28th, 2010.
She certainly has gotten good at landing on only her good leg, hasn't she? Just to clear up any confusion: that scream didn't come from Sandy.

Page 17: March 1st, 2010.
Oh, hey there Surt! What you got there? :3

Page 18: March 2nd, 2010.
And look, there's my previous opponent Anne-Louise (edface) too! Her face is still giving me trouble. And so is her hair. And her skirt. Yeah...

You can expect to see a LOT of her in this entry. You may also have noticed by now that I like mashing other people's entries together. Anne-Louise did change her outfit, did lose Denton, Hamlet did get beaten up (by Surt, apparently), BD did get shot, Oliver punched BD, Sheepi hung out with Jikan, etc, etc. Tributes, woohoo! I don't care if the plot lines clash; keeping things canon is not my priority anywayyyyyyy. Also, I like watching out local canon monkey Athens flip out a little. *evil grin*

Page 19: March 2nd, 2010.
Sandy looks a little sleep deprived. Things really aren't going her way, are they? That said, Hamlet doesn't look too great either!

Page 20: March 3rd, 2010.

Did I mention Sandy has great people skills? I mean, nothing cheers a person up like telling them the brutal truth and then slapping some sense into them when they break down, right? .... Right?

Sorry Ed. I hope you don't mind. Dang, I think that was her injured cheek too. XD

Page 21: March 3rd, 2010.
Action = reaction

Page 22: March 3rd, 2010.
Oh, that's right! Annie still has that big wrench. I err, don't think Sandy thought this through...

Page 23: March 4th, 2010.
It's okay, Annie. I think even Ghandi would have lost his temper by now... At least now tempers are starting to cool again. Maybe they both realize they've gotten off on the wrong foot here.

In case anyone was wondering why Candy wasn't stepping in, there are two reasons:

1. While devoted to her trainer, Candy is blessed with a critical mind and she'll often shake her head at the things Sandy says and does. So when Sandy slapped Annie, in Candy's mind she had gotten herself in that mess. As far as she was concerned, her trainer could try and get herself out of it again by herself, as long as there wasn't any immediate danger to her life.

2. Which brings is to the next reason: Sandy wasn't panicking yet, because she thought she could still talk her way out of trouble. Candy and Sandy share a psychic bond, so Candy noticed said lack of panic and decided to sit it out. Attacking trainers is something Sandy doesn't really want her Pokémon to do anyway.

Yeah, I love explaining stuff nobody really cares about. XD

Page 24: March 4th, 2010.
Another interesting personality quirk is Sandy's perfectionism. She used to be a vigilante, as you may know, and apparently used to make far fewer mistakes when fighting crime. But it seems she's gotten a little rusty since then...

Page 25: March 6th, 2010.
Cats seem to think humans are little more than living pieces of furniture. Tarim is no exception...

Athens belongs to Athens025, Oliver belongs to Claamchowder and Calli belongs to Nehirium.

Page 26: March 6th, 2010.
Just about everybody seems to know Water Pulse these days... I know panels 2 and 3 look odd. I just seem to mess stuff up lately.

Page 27: March 7th, 2010.
There's quite a lot to say here:

1. I've said it once, and I'll say it again: Brian has quite a complicated design! XD

2. Aiko is very attached to Tarim. Mess with the Persian, and you'll get an angry Jolteon for free.

3. You shouldn't lift an adult cat by the scruff of their necks. They're too heavy; you'll hurt them. Always provide additional support. See? Who says comics can't be educational?

4. Watch me cram several battles into a single entry. Just watch me! And maybe cheer me on a little?

5. Applying these block tones is becoming a little tiresome... Brian, I blame you!

Page 28: March 7th, 2010.
So the homicidal Scyther steps in and stops the madness. If that's not a sign of the apocalypse, I don't know what is.

Scythers. I have very mixed feelings about them. They are my favourite Pokémon, but I don't draw them very often. Why not? Because for some reason I just can get them to look right. Their limbs in particular give me a lot of trouble. I'm still trying to figure out how to adapt Scyther to my style; trying to settle on a final look. It's part of the reason why I'd really like to see one in Nexie's style some day.

Anyway, I also dropped the block tones for this page. Just... couldn't be bothered...

Alternative plot: This little meeting between Sandy's pokes and BD/Oliver/Calli/etc. didn't happen. In stead we have Solly and the Pokémon he took fumbling through the hallways. At some point the Pokémon (I'll just say that it's Hamlet (in which case Denton is still with Annie, and the earlier abduction scene didn't happen)) wakes up and finds out it's being carried around by a Blaziken. Hamlet speaks up, and Solly, who is starting to come to his senses again, finally realizes he isn't carrying Aiko. After some talking, they decide to stick together and they move on, with Hamlet trying to be Solly's guide. Of course this leads to some problems, since Hamlet is so much smaller than Solly and has trouble judging his size. So Solaris frequently bumps his head against overhanging beams, etc.

Page 29: March 8th, 2010.
Sandy and Annie have broken into the dressing room of the judges...

Page 30: March 10th, 2010.
Well, she may not have fantastic people skills, but at least Sandy has SOME notion of other people's feelings. And of her own personality flaws. At least that's something...

I'm also patching up some mistakes I made in round 4, concerning Annie's personality. Heh. Yeeeeaaaah...

Page 31: March 11th, 2010.
It's okay Annie. Come to think of it, Matt doesn't fully grasp type match-ups either. Anyone remember the Headbutt-on-the-Steelix scene?

Anyway, please ignore the magically shifting room. Indoor environments are hard, okay? At least Sandy is finally starting to revert to her friendlier SoL-self. I've missed friendly Sandy.

Page 32: March 12th, 2010.
I'll admit that I have no idea how Oliver and Calli would respond to so much blood, but I'm guessing that Ollie at least WOULD try to help BD, if only to prove his manhood once again...

And in case anyone is curious about the book, it's: Bullet-removal for dummies, courtesy of your local Team Rocket sponsored publisher.

Page 33: March 13th, 2010.
Yeah, we're kind of jumping all over the place now. Back and forth, back and forth. And Tarim may hate noobs, but noobs sure LOVE him.

Page 34: March 14th, 2010.

ANNIE flinched!

SANDY used DON'T USE LOGIC! (lol, hypocrite!)


It's super effective!


ANNIE became confused!

You Americans are so lucky that you get to play HeartGold and SoulSilver today... Seriously... On a somewhat related note: why do sentences in the Pokémon battle logs almost always end with exclamation marks? What's up with that?

Page 35: March 14th, 2010.
Sandy puts one of Anti's lipsticks to good use, Hamlet checks his butt in the mirror for some reason, and Sandy bursts Annie's bubble. That about sums this page up...

Page 36: March 16th, 2010.
Yikes... Words! I wonder if Sandy realizes her plan might be a little far-fetched? Also, there are more than twelve judge portraits here, because technically there are also more than twelve judges. However, some of them entered the BT as contestants and so were never captured/possessed/etc.

Page 37: March 17th, 2010.
Couldn't resist doing a name-joke. Sorry BB!

A note on Leftovers, the item that gradually recovers its holder's health points: In the games they're always shown as a half-eaten apple. Which is... kind of gross. So in my interpretation Leftovers is in fact a pendant in the shape of said half-eaten apple. Candy hides it on her body... somewhere... And it's probably a good thing that it's a pendant, because if it had been food... I doubt Hamlet would have ever given it back. XD

Page 38: March 18th, 2010.

Works for me! Now about this page:

1. The more eagle-eyed readers out there already noticed Candy's absence on the last few pages. Now you know what she's been doing: trying on new hats! Hmmm... This one looks kind of familiar too...

2. That axe, ladies and gentlemen, is NOT a prop. And I think Candy might have the best haul of them all!

3. Leftovers + the natural healing abilities of all Pokémon = no more band-aids and bandages for Hamlet! Sure, he's not fully recovered, but he's feeling much better now. Good thing too. He's gonna need his strength...

4. Please excuse the treasure-room-plot-device. But they need to mobilize quite quickly now. Can't have them scampering through the entire building, looking for good stuff to steal.

5. In the inventory so far: Annie's wrench, Sandy's duct tape, satchel, lipstick, maps, unimportant-looking writing paper, first aid kit, backpack, extension cord, axe, hat.

Page 39: March 19th, 2010.
I hear morphine cane make some people behave a little... funny. Heh, and that, kiddies is how Calli came to think that BD had a habit! (Sorry Athens. Hope you don't mind.)

This page marks the half-way point for my spectator's entry. I... don't know whether I should be happy or sad, frankly...

Page 40: March 20th, 2010.
BD, even though he's drugged, still seems to keep using his head. Seems to have his heart on his tongue now, though...

Alternative plot: A lot of this stuff didn't happen. BD wasn't picked up by Sandy's remaining team and Oliver and Calli. And although they did camp out in the dressing room together, Sandy and Annie do not take off together. Instead Annie hears her motor cycle off in the distance and gets all enthusiastic about it, telling Sandy all about its technical specs. That is, until Sandy interrupts her and asks her who is driving it if not Annie herself. It takes a while for it to sink in with Annie, but then she suddenly runs off shouting: "Oh no, he WOULDN'T!!", leaving the cripple Sandy behind to continue on her own.

But before that we return to Solaris and Hamlet. Hamlet has guided Solaris into the infirmary, and they're raiding the cabinets. But Solaris is blind and can't see what he's doing. On top of that, they can't identify the various medicines (antidotes, burn heals, etc.), nor do they know how to use them. Hamlet grows frustrated and asks why they can't just use all of it on Solaris. Solly tells him that would be dangerous, since you should only use the medicine you really need. Using an antidote when you're not poisoned for instance, could have harmful side-effects. So Solaris searches on until he finds a refrigerator, opens it and discovers some berries that are being kept inside. Unfortunately they're all Oran Berries, that recover very little of his HP. He and Hamlet share some. Then Hamlet sees an odd little package in between the regular medicine. He comments on how bitter it smells. When Solaris asks him to describe it, Hamlet tells him it looks like a root is in the package. It has the picture of an Oddish on the label. With a sigh Solly says he knows what that is. It's called an Energy Root. It recovers a truckload of HP, but it tastes extremely bitter and it gives you the runs like nobody's business. Somewhat shocked, Hamlet says: "You're not planning on eating that junk, are you?!", to which Solaris explains that he doesn't have a choice. He doesn't know which of the regular medicines he can use, nor can he operate the safety locks on them. And those berries weren't nearly enough to do the trick. Before Hamlet can protest further, Solaris has already downed the root.

They wait for a while, and nothing seems to happen. But then Solly doubles over from the gut cramps and heads for the nearest toilet. A somewhat bewildered and rather annoyed Hamlet sits guard next to the toilet door, while commenting on the unsavory noises coming from the toilet. It's then that Anubis walks in and snarls at Hamlet. Hamlet tries to talk his way out of it, but Anubis keeps closing in. Having become rather desperate, Hamlet turns and yells at the door that he could REALLY use a fighting-type right about now. He's answered by more gurgly noises and groans. Anubis stops and asks who is in there, then flinches as an awful smell fills his nostrils. The wolf decides that killing Hamlet isn't worth losing his scent of smell over, and turns tail.

By the time Solaris finally emerges from the toilet, Hamlet is about ready to snap for leaving him hanging like that. As far as he's concerned, Solaris almost killed himself with that stunt, and he still doesn't look any better. Solaris admits he is still nauseous, but, as he removes the bandages from his head and blinks against the light, he says it did work. Solaris grabs the nearest big bag he can find and starts loading the remaining Pokémon medicines in to it. He wants to hand it all over to his trainer once he finds her. It's at this point that they both hear something moving behind them. They turn and see BD and Brian stumble into the room.

Page 41: March 21st, 2010.
What? You didn't really think she'd just pick a random door, right? Of course not! Gotta gather some information first! Also, drawing women is still difficult...

Page 42: March 21st, 2010.
Just pretend there are still vicious sound effects on this page, okay? I didn't include them because I thought they would be distracting...

Page 43: March 21st, 2010.
There's nothing like an endless hallway to totally crash your carefully constructed plans, am I right?

Page 44: March 22nd, 2010.
Judge Isaac (ToddM) decides to tempt fate!

Page 45: March 23rd, 2010.
Isaac explains... But maybe he should take a few steps back...

Page 46: March 24th, 2010.
Did I mention that this entry will have tons of cameos? Nicole (Heavens-snow) shows up in style! And nearly kills everyone. She does look cute though.

Clever Isaac. To use the old "look behind you" trick to avoid a beating...

Page 47: March 25th, 2010.
That final panel looked a little empty, so at the last minute I added Flygon.

Sandy, your hair smells like food!!

Page 48: March 25th, 2010.
Actually, Hamlet smells kinda tasty too...

Page 49: March 27th, 2010.
"Here, hold my hat..."

Poor Nicole must be wondering what those two are talking about right now...

Page 50: March 28th, 2010.
I've decided to smuggle some of my SoL theories on moves, egg moves, move tutor moves and TM moves into this round's entry. I already mentioned this to a few of you, but in SoL Pokémon do in fact know more than four moves. These are all things which will be revealed eventually, but if a trainer fights according to the League Rules they must limit themselves to just four moves. All other moves are considered 'inactive'.

But like I said, I also have a set of theories on egg moves and move tutor moves. I'll write a nice lengthy text about that some day (in case anybody wants to know). Suffice it to say that in SoL a Pokémon can know all of its possible egg moves, even though the breeding combinations should be impossible in the games.

And just to clarify: yes, wild Pokémon can know egg moves too, but they usually mate within their own species. Candy has mixed blood, but her dad was NOT a Hitmonchan... Her granddad was...

Heh, are you confused yet?

Page 51: March 28th, 2010.
Yeah, that's real smooth, Sandy! First you tell them you trust them to save Solaris, and then you spam poor Annie to death with tons of advanced strategy tips.

Page 52: March 28th, 2010.
Fun fact 1: Did you know Flygon belongs to the bug egg group? I kid you not! These guys can mate with a Caterpie! Egg groups just disturb me sometimes...

Fun fact 2: It's probably a good thing Sandy didn't pair up with Nicole, as she has a problem with heights and she's particularly terrified of riding flying Pokémon. (It's the result of a certain Charizard forcing her to take a traumatic little joy ride on his back after he evolved...)

Page 53: March 28th, 2010.
Who's that ass trainer?!

It's JIKAN (Miyukitty)!! Finally...

Page 54: March 30th, 2010.

You can tell at which point I got lazy...

Page 55: March 31st, 2010.
Judge Zing (Iron-Zing) must be thinking: "Hey, don't I have a straw hat JUST like that?"

Page 56: March 31st, 2010.
So I was looking at this page after I refined the sketch, and I thought: "Sod it... 55 inked pages is a pretty good run, and this page looks pretty okay-ish as a sketch." So from here on out I won't be inking any more unless I really have to refine the sketch for clarity. If I do it like this, I won't have to come back to any pages later (no posting rough place-holders required either) and I might even make the deadline.

I just hope Miyukitty doesn't mind too much. XD

Page 57: March 31st, 2010.
Rawr, speed lines!

Page 58: April 1st, 2010.
I honestly don't know any better way to depict Razor Wind. In panel two, Surt is taking the hit, while several gusts tear gashes through the stage and Anubis takes cover underneath his parter.

And no. I'm not going to include more Double Team spam in this entry. No worries. ;)

Page 59: April 1st, 2010.
Yikes, they weren't kidding when they said they wanted to kill poor Candy... o__0

Page 60: April 1st, 2010.
Ouch, good thing Chain crashed into a curtain instead of into a wall. That would hurt so much...

Page 61: April 1st, 2010.
So in this page I suddenly found out I was missing a few panels to get all the shots right. Oops. I fixed most of it, except for the shot that was supposed to show Chain running to save Candy, right before Surt blocks him. Both scenes are now stuffed in the same panel.

Ah well, page 61: where Anubis manages to grab Candy's Leftovers... err, somehow, then slips it around his own neck and grabs poor Candy by the throat. And now Zing conveniently slips out of the MC's grasp for a while. Oh, whatever will happen next? :)

Speaking of Zing, something about her has been bothering me for a while now. She's always shown with hidden eyes, so nobody really knows what they look like, but in some panels I've had to draw those eyes anyway due to the camera angles, etc... But somehow I felt as if I was taking a pretty big risk there. So then I back-paddled through Zing's old PCBC1 entries, and lo and behold! Scars around the eyes! I knew there was something funky going on with those eyes! I just forgot... Been doing it wrong ever since... XD

Page 62: April 1st, 2010.
For my convenience, the minds of the possessed hosts and their Pokemon are linked. When one snaps out of the MC's grasp, the same happens to the other. It's probably not quite how it's supposed to work, but it works for this entry. XD

Page 63: April 2nd, 2010.
Chain got loose... somehow...

Page 64: April 2nd, 2010.
Trippy... I guess in my entries BB is good at giving monologues. Well, Sandy HAS been awfully quiet during this fight. That's partially my fault, I guess, for not including her often enough, but still... You'd think she would have said more by now...

On a different note: I want to ritually burn BB's coat. It's too complicated to draw, and personally I think it might be fun to watch him strut around in the buff anyway. All those in favor say: Aye!

Page 65: April 2nd, 2010.
It's okay Yikan, sometimes I don't get her either...

Page 66: April 2nd, 2010.
... I don't think she's ready...

Page 67: April 2nd, 2010.
Okay, NOW she's ready.

Yes, I really am that cheap. Rest, baby!! ^^

A note on Teleport: Hypno can't learn it in today's generations, but back in the first generation TM30 was Teleport. And just about everyone could learn it. Of course, nobody actually DID, because in the game the move is RUBBISH! Which is probably why they no longer offer Teleport as a TM. :)

Page 68: April 3rd, 2010.
As you may already have guessed, Sandy hasn't done a lot of double battles with other trainers. Her communication skills are somewhat... lacking...

And a note on Insomnia: in the games, when a Pokemon with the Insomnia ability uses Rest it will fall asleep and recover all of its health. It will also sleep as long as any other Pokemon will, except when you recall it and send it back out again. Then they'll wake up right away. For obvious reasons, I've taken a few liberties with that bit of the combo. XD

Edit: Oops, never mind! I'm being dense again...

Page 69: April 3rd, 2010.
I'm also taking liberties with the move Barrier, and with Chain's move pool. Go me!

Anyway, Candy's dad was in fact: a Mr. Mime! I kid you not. And that's how she knows the move Barrier, among other things. Unfortunately for her, dear dad left as soon as he was done enriching the Drowzee gene pool, leaving mom to take care of the kids... But then again, for all we know this might be normal for Pokemon...

Page 70: April 3rd, 2010.
There is no honor among thieves...

Page 71: April 3rd, 2010.
Sandy doesn't normally taunt people during a fight, but hey! It's a special occasion! Boost battle!!

And look! I even managed to make Surt look like a proper Metagross this time!

Page 72: April 4th, 2010.
Move over Solly!

She'll probably never admit to it, but I think Sandy is having fun...

Page 73: April 4th, 2010.
Okay, I'll admit it... I had FUN drawing seizure-Zing's face.

Actually... When you think about it, Candy does have a tendency to uhm... cause opponent trainers to have unfortunate accidents involving their health... *coughlikeDottiecoughcough*

Page 74: April 4th, 2010.
Go Candy! Fight like a champ!

I'm starting to think that the MC is actually some sort of super-Hypno.

Psychic powers? Check!
Hypnotic abilities? Check!
Gas manipulation? Check!

Speaking of Poison Gas. It doubles quite nicely as a smoke screen, don't you think? Isaac would be proud.

Page 75: April 4th, 2010.

I imagine that if this fight had its own theme song, it would be the music from the trailer of Clash of the titans. I don't know if the movie is any good, but it certainly has a nice soundtrack.

Some day...
Somebody's gotta make a stand...
Some day...
Somebody's gonna say: "Enough!"

Page 76: April 5th, 2010.
BOOM! What better way to finish than with a total DBZ rip-off move? ^^

That's it for the fight. Believe it or not, I actually condensed this quite a bit. There was going to be more Surt vs. Super-Candy goodness. Ollie and Calli were going to show up and they were going to totally add to the madness. Ozric was there too. He was going to punch out BB. In short: good times! Total beat down!

Unfortunately it was all a bit too much. XD

So, on to two more pages of total soppy-ness to counter-balance all this green violence I've been flinging at you all. ^^

Page 77: April 5th, 2010.
Oops. I went cameo-crazy again! After you get rid of one army, another, bigger one pops up, y'know?

From myself: Sandy, Candy, Aiko, Tarim, Fang Sca, Quartz
From Miyukitty: Yikan, Quipaw, Chain, Tagg, Snap
From Athens025: Athens, Brian, Faye, Billy, Kidd, Blossom, Dexter
From Claamchowder: Ollie, Duke, Chris
From ginnyw143: Linqu, Exode, Skrix
From edface: Porter, Lady, Denton, Honey, Betty, bike
From Nehirium: Calli, Anastasia, Desdemona
From xSheepi: Sheepi
From Iron-Zing: Zing, Anubis
From BigBadComplex: BigBad, Surt
From ToddM: Isaac, Noodles
From sarydactl: Sara, Zachary
From jenasu: Jena-su, Bakkie, Spinda, Eclipse (forgot that he's actually supposed to be covered in bling)
From Edowaado: Aka, Saur
From Ryua: Arual, Punk, Ramoth
From MarkyVigoroth: Marcus, Butler, Forrest (made a bit of a boo-boo in my previous round, by making him break down. Seeing how he's a spectator, he gets to keep his sanity, so uhm... the breakdown was temporary or something...)
From ???: Ed-209 (it seems Marcus fixed him somehow)

Yes, I realize it's a tiny scribbly mess... Sorry about that...

Page 78: April 5th, 2010.
There! DONE!!

I was originally also going to draw Nicole, Hamlet, Flygon and Espeon in that last panel, but I decided against it because it would become too crowded.

So much for what might well be the most insane spectator's entry ever! I will certainly try to tone it down for the last round. XD

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