January 29th, 2010
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It's been bothering me for a while now, how little I've actually revealed about Sandy. I know who she is, but I realize that to the rest of you she must still be a bit of an enigma. So on a whim I decided to make her an age chart, to show her character development throughout several key points of her life. I've even added some PSC (post round 4) info. I know I'm probably getting ahead of myself, since I might just as easily lose this round and be eliminated, but even so, I think this chart will also benefit me when writing SoL. And of course, it should help answer any questions you guys might have about her already! Besides, the old ref I had for her was... ugly.

Enjoy your wall of text!!

Teen Sandy
Age: 12 years old
Height: 1.47 M. / 4'82 ft.
Occupation: Beginning/intermediate trainer (started roughly 2 years earlier)
Pokémon: Combusken, Persian (recently evolved), Drowzee, Onix (small, recently hatched), Eevee (Will soon also receive her Scyther)

Physical characteristics: Short for her age. Used to have blond hair, but started it started to turn white at a very young age. It still has some color left, but it won't last. Physically fit, but a little skinny.

Personality: Cheerful, curious, a little inexperienced, but has a fairly high opinion of herself regardless. Sandy sees herself as an up and coming trainer, and believes she has a bright future as a trainer ahead of herself. This is also why she's drilling her Pokémon into shape. She wants them to be on her team when she aims for the championships. She's got quite a challenge on her hands, because both Solly and Quartz are lazy to the core, and Candy just doesn't see the point. Despite her tough-approach to training, Sandy cares deeply for her Pokémon and will do anything for them. It's around this age that Sandy starts developing an unconscious psychic bond with her Drowzee.

Background: Raised in Cerulean City, Sandy became a trainer at age 10. While insecure at first, she quickly gained confidence and started conveying this upon her Pokémon. Of her team, only Tarim was truly enthusiastic when she first revealed that she wanted to become a champ one day. Sandy's mother still lives in Cerulean, and Sandy also has family living in Johto. At age 12 Sandy is a beginning/intermediate trainer and her confidence continues to grow. In fact, it's gotten to a point that she'll happily stroll into a Team Rocket hideout and start bullying grunts, but the admins would still give her a lot of trouble.

Additional info: Is, and always has been a bit of a tomboy. Hates wearing skirts and dresses. Will never wear make-up, not even at a later age.

Champ Sandy
Age: 16 years old
Height: 1.69 M. / 5'54 ft.
Occupation: Ace trainer
Pokémon: Blaziken, Persian, Hypno, Onix (adult-sized), Jolteon, Scyther

Physical characteristics: Has grown to a more normal size for her age. Has developed a tan due to an active life in the outdoors, and likes to wear functional trainer clothes. She's also developed her fighting skills now. You don't spend so many years with a fighting-type as your starter, without picking up a trick or two. Sandy is no black-belt, but she can protect herself if she needs to.

Personality: The same as before, but more matured. She's lost her more outgoing streaks, and is a little more reserved now. Her confidence has now grown to such proportions that you could just get it over with and call her prideful. It would be an accurate description. She's also very competitive and will never refuse an invitation to a match. Matches are highly enjoyable to Sandy, but winning is the ultimate goal. Her gruelling training program for her team intensifies, as the championship title comes within sight. This current snapshot is actually from slightly before her championship match (she really got put in her place during that fight, so things change from there on out). Her love for her Pokémon remains unchanged. Her Pokémon are picking up more and more on her "I've-gotta-win-no-matter-what" vibes. It sometimes makes them a little high-strung.

Background: Having become more powerful, she's attracted the attention of a group of vigilante trainers, who call themselves "The Brawlers". Their goal is to aid the police in fighting organized crime. Sandy joins them and becomes one of the hundreds of trainers who were involved with exterminating Team Rocket. She's fought them in both Kanto and Johto, and has also fought against Cypher and several gangs in the Orre region. These experiences have given Sandy her disdain for Pokémon-abusing criminals, who she'll combat with almost militaristic fanaticism. She was a rising star amongst the Brawlers, but she never joined their top ranks because shortly before her championship battle the Brawlers were disbanded. Team Rocket and other forms of organized crime had successfully been eliminated, so there was no longer any use for the group of vigilantes. By this time Sandy has all of Kanto's and Johto's gym badges.

Additional info: I don't think you'd like this version of Sandy, if you were ever to meet her. Sandy has bad people skills, which is part of the reason why she has trouble remembering names (and she also hates to admit she has a problem with names). She's good with faces, though. So if she ever greets you as "Hey… you…", you'll know she recognizes you, but has no idea what to call you. It's up to you whether or not the situation gets REALLY awkward.

Present Sandy
Age: 21 years old
Height: 1.75 M. / 5'74 ft.
Occupation: Former Kanto champ, currently runs a private delivery service
Pokémon: Blaziken, Persian, Hypno, Steelix, Jolteon, Scyther

Physical characteristics: Has grown a little taller, but is essentially the same. She tries to clothe herself a bit more inconspicuously nowadays. Skin tone has lightened somewhat.

Personality: Things have changed since her championship battle. When she finally achieved her dream of becoming the Kanto champ, she came to realize it was not something that made her happy at all. Her Pokémon were badly injured in the fight, and ever since that moment Sandy's come to regard training and fighting Pokémon as a pure blood sport. She now no longer wants to have anything to do it, so she avoids as many fights as possible, including the famous follow-up championship match she was supposed to fight one year later at age 17. This earned her the wrath of the League and her former fans, so she's gone into hiding. Personality-wise Sandy has become a lot more mellow in regard to fighting. Now that she no longer focuses on winning all the time, she's come to appreciate supposedly weak Pokémon more and more. When less experienced trainers cross her path, her reaction is usually that of recognition and sympathy, not of (concealed) contempt. That's also the reason why she hasn't brushed off Matt yet. Her people skills have also improved somewhat (because of her current occupation).

Background: Sandy disappeared from the public eye after her championship battle. The whole ordeal left her a little shell-shocked. She's since recovered from the worst of it, but she still frequently has nightmares about it, especially when she's under stress. Nowadays she spends most of her days quietly going from one town to another, delivering her packages (her Pokémon help her with that). Sandy is actually a little paranoid when it comes to her rabid ex-fans, in that she thinks there are way more of them than there really are. She also thinks she's more commonly recognized than she really is. She's got a bit of "the-whole-world-must-be-after-me" phobia, which is why she is hesitant about announcing her full name in public, or showing her face for too long. The reality is that only about 10% of the people she meets THINK she kind of looks like that champ who ditched the League so many years ago. And of those 10%, most really don't care either way. But it's the ones that DO stalk her that have her on her toes. When she tried to fight them off at some point, she found things only got worse. So now she always runs. She'll only fight when it's necessary (to protect herself, or others, etc.).

Additional info: Now that she no longer spends all her time training and fighting, Sandy and her Pokémon are not really on the top of their game anymore. Her Pokémon haven't lost levels or anything, but they're probably not as quick or limber as they used to be (except perhaps for Fang). Sandy herself has also lost a bit of her edge. It's not something that couldn't potentially be corrected by training, but it is significant.

Post round 4 PSC info
Note: this Sandy is slightly pre-SoL!!

Physical condition: Injured her right ankle, but thanks to Sepia she is still able to walk on it. Running is out of the question, however. Scrape on left elbow, due to sliding between two closing doors at the beginning of the Tourney. She also has bruises on her shoulders and upper arms from where Anubis held her. Sandy is tired, but otherwise physically fine.

Mental condition: Different story. While Sandy is usually non-confrontational in nature, when the news of the contest hall hijacking reached her, her old crime-busting instincts kicked in. So much so, in fact, that she rushed in, managed to get four of her Pokémon locked out of the building, and forgot to bring any supplies with her. Since she's a bit of a perfectionist, this is really chewing at her. Throughout the various rounds she's also made plenty of other mistakes, which add to her frustration with herself and the overall situation. She's starting to wonder why she's allowed it to get this far. Why she's played along with the MC's game for this long, and why she hasn't reverted back to plan A (barge in and start cracking heads together) ages ago. Having lost Solly is an extra blow of course, but she's now determined to get him back. At least she can take a little comfort in the knowledge that her other four Pokémon apparently made it inside. Candy is also a great help.

Outward demeanour: a little shaky now, but still determined to see this thing through till the end. Indecision might be her most important flaw now. As you might have noticed, Sandy has a thing for logic. Even though the BT is a crazy farm, she still tries to reason her way through it. Unfortunately it doesn't always work in her favour, and she realizes this. She's very concerned about making the right decisions, but there are too many factors for her to consider. Sandy has a dilemma on her hands: stay and fight (and potentially endanger more contestants in doing so, for which she'd feel very guilty), or deviate from the MC's course and possibly risk the lives of the remaining hostage judges and Solaris. Decisions, decisions...

Oh, and the textures were provided by Hibbary.

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