December 18th, 2009 - January 21st, 2010
Photoshop and drawingtablet

Entry for: Pokémon Super Contests
Black Tourney: round 4 (theme: 'Sacrifice', subtheme: Save a Judge)
Entrants: Sandy Gano, Solaris and Candy
Opponent: Anne Louise (Edface)

I made it to the quarter-finals! I don't know how, but I did! But now I'm up against Edface, AND I have a rather complicated theme to work with. So, despite what I had earlier planned to do, I think I might have to make a rather large entry again. Well, that's just peachy. XD

Page 1: December 18th, 2009.
And so it all starts again. Anne Louise's hair is kind of difficult to draw. *pokes*

Page 2: December 20th, 2009.
Fun fact: As a twelve-year old Sandy was quite an annoying little brat, not unlike the main characters in the Pokémon games. You know the type: ten years old and happily strolls into a Team Rocket base to dish out some serious pain and humiliation, and then she steals your Master Ball. She also had a terrible taste in hairstyles! XD

Page 3: December 21st, 2009.
Enter team Black Dragon, if you'll excuse me calling them that. Their search for Athens has taken them to the more fancy parts of the building. The characters are: Sepia (Pokemon-no-Rakuen), Ozric (Cathto) and Marcus (MarkyVigoroth). The Pokémon are Marcus' Mightyena, Butler, Sepia's Weavile, Radon, and Ozric's Donphan, Tantor. I made Butler slightly bigger and more muscular than the unmutated version of Zing's Anubis. ^^

Page 4: December 21st, 2009.
Don't pretend you didn't see this coming. Heheheh.
By the way, I am using a different font this round. Apparently some people consider Comic Sans MS to be 'evil', or something. This font is called Manga Temple, and I got it from

Page 5: December 22nd, 2009.
Solly doesn't look so good.

Ozric, in case you didn't know, isn't just a contestant, but also one of the judges. He escaped capture because he happened to be out buying burgers when the MC hijacked the contest hall.

Also re-introducing my previous opponent, Black Dragon, who belongs to Athens025. You can expect to see a lot more of this guy my entry. He's fun to have around.

Page 6: December 22nd, 2009.
It kind of kills me to draw Solly and Sandy like this. But then, that's character development for ya.

The spooky message from the speakers is delivered to you by your friendly local Master of Ceremonies.

Page 7: December 23rd, 2009.
A little mental nudge from Sandy, and Candy suddenly has the urge to rip speakers off of walls.

Sandy should have brought potions. Lots and lots of them. But she forgot.

Also re-introducing CrayolaSquirrel's judge Kate! And judge Enef is somewhere on this scene as well. Tucked away in a corner. Lying on his side... still tied to that chair... ahem... Well, the important things is he's SAFE! Yes.

Page 8: December 23rd, 2009.
Doctor Athens has spoken! But sheesh, Sandy! How about a 'thank you' for him too, huh? He basically saved Solly's life!! Or maybe she's just shell-shocked?

Anyway, according to Sepia's ref sheet, her Happiny doesn't actually know any healing-moves. But coming from an evolutionary line of healers, I figure that healing is just something that is in her nature to do, even if she doesn't have the supporting move-set. Translation: I needed a second healer, since Faye already has his hands full. Sandy busted her ankle, in case you don't remember. I know from experience that an injury like that will make your ankle swell to twice its normal size. Quite a handicap, and not one Sandy really needs right now!! XD

Page 9: December 23rd, 2009.
I'm starting to really like Ozric. He's a cool character, fun to draw and seems to have a nice personality. I feel a little bad for the current role he's playing, but... stress and all that. Someone needs to voice the group's doubts.
I should probably just use the line tool to draw those backgrounds. What a scribbly mess! And Sepia's hair is very hard to draw for some reason. XD

Page 10: December 24th, 2009.
Sorry Enef. I couldn't resist. Hey! You can't expect me to be serious ALL the time, right?

Anyway, I forgot to introduce the remaining characters in the room. They are Eeveegou's Dottie, and MidoriKappa's Amelie.

Page 11: December 24th, 2009.
Dottie sounds surprisingly sensible! And uh-oh, Sandy... what are you up to?

Page 12: December 26th, 2009.
Athens is, and always will be the man with a plan!

Page 13: December 26th, 2009.
Sandy continues to be stubborn...

Page 14: December 27th, 2009.
I told you there would be a lot of dialogue. Heh. Sandy is still terrible with names, but since Athens has a nickname, she's decided to shorten that to the easier-to-remember "Black". By the way, have you noticed how Sandy is only mentioning bad plans, but not giving any alternatives? Sheesh, Sandy! If you DO have an idea, spill the beans already!!

Page 15: December 27th, 2009.

Page 16: December 28th, 2009.
And so it begins. Or ends, depending on how you look at it. I couldn't get Marcus to look right in panel 4, so I just sort of gave up on him. Upside is that Ozric looks pretty cool there, so... Maybe that'll counter-balance the whole thing. I don't know.

That last panel isn't too great either. Poses, perspective, proportions. They're all off. For some reason though, I still like that panel. I have no idea why. Oh, and don't ask me how Dottie is able to keep up with all that running. That woman boggles the mind...

Page 17: December 29th, 2009.
I feel bad that they have to go through that, but alas, it's part of this round's plot, and unfortunately that means most of the cast has to go. *sigh*

But never fear! I'm sure Athens will figure out a way to bring them all back! That is, if he doesn't have one of his patented break-downs first. His decision to have them all recall their Pokémon has really came back to bite them in the rear-end, hasn't it? And I guess they're now to muddled to call them out again...

Page 18: December 30th, 2009.
Whoah... trippy. Poor Athens. And what's a good freak-out without a flashback and a mask being ripped off?

Page 19: December 31st, 2009.
Heh, I managed to finish this one in time!

The way I see it, Sandy and Athens have this awkward relationship, in that they tried to kill each other earlier, and now they're friends for life. Same thing for their Pokémon. XD

Anyway, judge Isaac (ToddM) shows up!! What will happen next? You'll find out... next year!!

Page 20: January 1st, 2010.

Well, he did say he wanted more screen time in the entries. Wish granted! Happy now, Todd? ^^

If anyone is wondering why this Sandy is so different (more violent) than SoL's Sandy, it's because this violent side is usually repressed in her. It's not something she's proud of, so she tries so keep a lid on it. It's only when she's put under a lot of stress and pressure that she'll start to escalate. And once that boulder start rolling, well... brace yourself for the avalanche!

Page 21: January 1st, 2010.
Oh well, it was worth a try. But if he can't be saved, I guess he'll just have to die... err, I mean disappear. Yes. That.

Page 22: January 2nd, 2010.
CLOSET is occupied! Will SANDY switch JUDGES?


Judge Fluna: saved! Events are finally starting to get rolling! Even though she kind of... ran away...

Page 23: January 3rd, 2010.
And there we have my opponent for this round. Finally.
Anne Louise it looking for her opponent from the previous round, Roby. I guess she must have misplaced him or something. Has anyone seen her Roby? If you have, please speak up before she gives Sandy shaken-trainer-syndrome. Kay, thanks!

Since I'm over half way done with my entry, I think it's time for me to get something off my chest. As some of you already know, at the beginning of this round I made a bit of a fuss over the chosen theme. Well, my tantrum has long since passed, but there was also something else (something unrelated) which was kind of eating at me. And that was the fact that my opponent... totally intimidates the loving crap out of me. That's right, had me shaking in my proverbial boots. I was TOTALLY convinced I was done for. I wasn't ready to just give up without a fight, mind you, but I was expecting to go down in flames. That kind of had me riled up for a while, until I read a journal by Coelasquid, in which she discusses some of her realizations after judging in one of dA's OCTs. It wasn't completely related to my situation, but she did say something which made me stop and think: She compared an OCT to participating in an elaborate art trade (hence, it was poor form to depict the opposing character OoC to fit your story, but that's beside my point). It's like an art trade! And in an art trade the reward isn't about winning from the other person. It's about what the other person draws for you. In other words, if edface draws an awesome entry, keeps Sandy IC and totally wipes the floor with me, it would totally be worth it. Made me feel a lot better. :)

Unfortunately I had already written a giant plot by then... Heheheh. Anyway, on a different note: as you may have guessed by now, I take IC treatment of other people's characters very seriously. I enjoy making characters behave as they should, so if your character was in any of my entries and you think he or she was behaving OoC (even considering the circumstances), please feel free to speak up so I can prevent it from happening in the future.

Page 24: January 4th, 2010.
Boy it's getting crowded all of a sudden! Possessed judge Sara (sarydactl) appeared!! Now what could she want?

Page 25: January 5th, 2010.
Judge Isaac came out of the closet!! *shot*

Right now, Anne Louise must be wondering why Sandy missed that giant Aerodactyl standing guard next to Sara... What can I say Anne, Sandy sometimes misses details like that. XD

Page 26: January 6th, 2010.
Oops... Judge Fluna: Un-saved... Minor set-back, minor set-back!!

Page 27: January 7th, 2010.
I'm telling you Sandy, sometimes even your own Hypno doesn't understand what goes on in your mind. And the two of you share a PSYCHIC CONNECTION, I mean... sheesh...

Page 28: January 9th, 2010.
Explanation time: Anne Louise's ref sheet describes her Nidorino Hamlet as a Pokémon who doesn't really care about battles. A loss doesn't discourage him, and a victory doesn't inspire him. All he honestly cares about is food and sleep. Hence, I figure a move like Swagger, which plays on your ego has no effect on him. He really couldn't care less. XD

Off-topic: I just rediscovered my love for Nidorinos!

Page 29: January 11th, 2010.
Shock Wave: The move that never misses, no matter how often the opponent Double Teams. Come on, Sandy! Pay attention now, this is important!

Page 30: January 16th, 2010.
Sandy can totally give three different commands at once, if she wants to. Why? Because I say so, that's why!! ^^

I have to admit, the ending of the battle was very difficult for me to plan out. I must have rewritten the plot at least three times. At first I had Anne Louise panic after that first multi-psychic attack, and at the instigation of Sara she was going to order Hamlet to attack Sandy. But I quite quickly changed my mind took that bit out, because I figured it would be grossly out of character for Anne. Panic? Sure. Attacking trainers? Meh, don't see that happening in a hurry. Besides, having Sara deviously pretend to be Anne is way funnier, in my opinion. Heheh.

Page 31: January 16th, 2010.
What goes around...

And yes, that Aerodactyl is indeed on fire. There can only be one conclusion...

Page 32: January 16th, 2010.
If Solly had his own theme song, it would be blasting from your speakers right now. He's big. He's bad. And his bandages are on fire!

Doctor Athens said he was supposed to stay in his Pokéball, but doctor Athens isn't here right now, so there! Poor Solly was out all along, feeling his way through the hallways to take a flanking position. Next time, please also let Candy know what you're up to, kay Sandy?

Judge Fluna: Re-saved!!

Page 33: January 17th, 2010.
She'd also like to have her glasses back, or so I'm told...

Page 34: January 17th, 2010.
That card must be really something.

Hamlet's now just being plain lazy in panel 1. XD

Page 35: January 18th, 2010.
There Sandy goes again, applying her logic. Unfortunately logic doesn't affect the crazies...

Page 36: January 19th, 2010.
Yeah... Don't know what to say about this one.

Poor Solly got another ouchy?

Page 37: January 20th, 2010.
Uh-oh, there he goes again.

Page 38: January 21st, 2010.

EDIT: There's now a larger version of Solly's reflection in panel 4. You can see it here.

Page 39: January 21st, 2010.
There's no time for grief...

Page 40: January 21st, 2010.
... not as long as this freak show isn't over...

And that's it. That was my round 4 entry. Crazy stuff. Be sure to check out my opponent's entry as well. It's intense.

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