November 8th - December 1st, 2009
Photoshop and drawingtablet

Entry for: Pokémon Super Contests
Black Tourney: round 3 (theme: 'Hallucinations', subtheme: Save a Judge)
Entrants: Sandy Gano, Solaris and Candy
Opponent: Black Dragon (Athens025)

So now I'm one of the fourteen remaining contestants who has made it to round 3. Things are about to heat up! My next opponent is Athens025. Something tells me this round is going to be special, so I'm not pulling my punches. With a 43-page entry and roughly three weeks left to work on it, I might not be able to completely finish this one, but I'll certainly give it my best shot. Expect the quality of the comic to take a bit of a nose dive as it gets further along, though...

Stress and all that. Yeah...

Page 1: November 8th, 2009.
Go super-epic-title-page-that-in-no-way-reflects-the-quality-of-the-rest-of-the-comic!!

Page 2: November 8th, 2009.
Because stairs are for sissies. And look, it's Sandy's other Pokémon again!

Page 3: November 8th, 2009.
Fang also has leader-capacities?

Page 4: November 8th, 2009.
And moving on. Oh hey look, it's Eeveegou's Dottie! And she's not dead! Kittybakeoven's Nox also makes a cameo appearance.

Page 5: November 9th, 2009.
Tribute time! I'm using part of Eeveegou's round 2 plot here. Only it doesn't end in a heartpounding match of doom, but in a little tug-o'-Junction! Poor guy. And judge Kate is also still there.

Page 6: November 9th, 2009.

Page 7: November 10th, 2009.

Page 8: November 11th, 2009.
The gang kicks some butt. I also forgot to mention that judge Kate is CrayolaSquirrel's character. She's the one wielding the deadly bucket of doom.

Page 9: November 11th, 2009.
Turns out Amelie, Sandy's first opponent is also hiding in that room! What a lovely coincidence!

What? I'm just trying to get all my previous opponents to follow my character around? .... NAHHH!! TOTALLY not the case... at all... yeah...
Anyway, Amelie belongs to MidoriKappa. In all seriousness, I think her character is too nice to be left out of the tournament altogether, even though Midori herself is no longer a contestant. So here she is again! ^^

Page 10: November 12th, 2009.
Evil laughter... Spooky... And it looks like someone finally noticed poor Junction's absence.

Page 11: November 12th, 2009.
What's scarier than hearing spooky things in the dark? Well, how about things suddenly going quiet and the lights coming back on for no apparent reason?

Actually, I'm rather happy that the lights are back on now. NO MOAR SHADING!! WOHOO!

Page 12: November 13th, 2009.
If I was Kate, I'd want Solly to be my body guard too.

I think this page calls for a small disclaimer. Kate, Amelie and Dottie are not being cowards here, and I certainly did not intend to display them that way. If they do seem that way, then I sincerely apologize to their owners. They're not cowards, they're just scared. Heck, they were just shot at. AGAIN! I'd be scared to leave the room too. Sandy's only reason for leaving is because she's ridiculously serious about saving everyone. Honestly girl, you're going to get yourself killed some day. XD

Page 13: November 13th, 2009.
Heh, ending a Friday the 13th with the 13th page of my PSC entry. What could be more perfect than that? This is also the page where things start to get more interesting. Meet Anubis, judge Zing's Mightyena. Both Anubus and judge Zing belong to Iron-Zing.

Also, I decided to make the special gas, which is so important to this round's theme, transparent and nearly scentless, instead of purple. I figure gas that is invisible is far more dangerous.

Page 14: November 14th, 2009.
Did I mention both Zing and Anubis are being mindcontrolled? Ah well, Solly is about to dish out the pain. Nobody touches Sandy!!

Page 15: November 14th, 2009.
Uhm... Run?

Page 16: November 14th, 2009.
I'd say that about evens the playing field. Dang, now Anubis is way taller than Solly, even though Anubis isn't even standing up straight! XD

Page 17: November 15th, 2009.
And just like that things got very ugly for poor Sandy!

In the game, when a non-wild Pokémon uses Roar its current opponent is forced out of battle, while another random Pokémon from the team is dragged out to fight in the first Pokémon's place. But in this comic Roar simply forces a Pokémon back into its Pokéball (fear has nothing to do with it, by the way), without bringing out a replacement. I think it's quite a bit scarier this way. XD

Page 18: November 15th, 2009.
And then judge Zing herself shows up.
And yes, I'm aware of how this looks, but there really isn't anything going on here. Besides Sandy being pinned down by a were-Mightyena, I mean. XD

Page 19: November 15th, 2009.
Hey, more new faces! First of all, we have another one of the mind-controlled judges, BigBad, BigBadComplex's character. The refs for his outfit were... uhm... complicated, so I went and gave his design a twist of my own. I hope that's okay with you, BBC.

And then there's the judge Sandy will attempt to save this round, namely *cue drum roll* judge Enef! How could I NOT go for the guy without a shirt, hmm? ^^

Page 20: November 16th, 2009.
BB's design is giving me a lot of trouble. XD

Anyway, yeah Athens also did a fight-each-other-or-the-hostage-judge-gets-it plot in his previous entry, but I promise I'll give it an additional twist. Besides, I wanted to do a hostage-plot ever since round 1. ^^

Page 21: November 16th, 2009.

Page 22: November 17th, 2009.
Oh my, is that? *looks closer*
You know what? I DO believe that's my opponent. And look, he has his buddies with him. They are Sepia (Pokemon-no-Rakuen), Ozric (Cathto) and Marcus (MarkyVigoroth). Oh, and that mutated Metagross behind them is Surt. There, all introduced now. ^^

Page 23: November 18th, 2009.
I hope Athens doesn't mind his character gets a bit roughed up here. That said, I think he can probably take it. ;)

Page 24: November 18th, 2009.
I think you can tell where this is going... ;)

Zombies, a werewolf, a mutant lizard, ghostly judges and a giant metal spider. Is anyone else getting the Belated-Halloween-Special feeling? XD

Page 25: November 19th, 2009.
It's ON now!!

BB is a sneaky one, isn't he? He's deliberately speaking to no-one in particular, so that both Athens and Sandy think he's talking to them. I guess it's all part of the deception...

Page 26: November 20th, 2009.
I might be dragging this out a bit too much.

I mean, well... Yeah, of course I am. After all, my entry is 43 pages long! By the way, did I mention Brian knows Thunder Punch?

Page 27: November 21st, 2009.
Brian was trained in martial arts, while Solly is a Fighting type. So they can free-style it for a bit. (I'm particularly proud of the triple Blaze Kick combo.) Too bad for Solly that he's not quite as fast as Brian.

Page 28: November 21st, 2009.
When Solly used the move Bulk Up in the previous round it wasn't quite DBZ-y enough. So here's me making up for that! Have some random yelling, flexing muscles, flashy lights and a shockwave!

In addition to both being physical fighters, Solly and Brian also both know the move Aerial Ace! And both of them receive double damage from taking a hit from one. Hmm...

Page 29: November 22nd, 2009.
This page probably requires some explanation. Solly and Brian are recovering from the hit they both took from the double Aerial Ace. They fight some more, when Brian tries to attack with a Leaf Blade, which Solly counters with a Sky Uppercut. The hit sends Brian flying high, but he recovers in the air, flips and 'lands' on the ceiling, pushes off and lands on the floor again, where he engages Solly once more. Meanwhile, the ceiling above them starts to crumble...

Page 30: November 22nd, 2009.
You KNOW things are going wrong when Pokémon start targeting trainers, even if it's by mistake... Also, I think the building may be about to come down. It has taken a lot of abuse over the various rounds.

Page 31: November 22nd, 2009.
Solly is kind of losing it. It's probably not entirely clear what's going on in those last few panels. He kicked Brian in the gut using his knee, then he slammed him into the ground with a Fire Punch (yes, he does know Fire Punch, it's just not one of his four standard moves - there is this particular battle system which I use in SoL, in which Pokémon actually know more than the standard four moves, but I'll explain this at a later date). And while poor Brian was sprawled out on the floor, Solly followed it up with a rather hefty Blaze Kick.

Again, I'm sorry your characters are getting pummelled so much in my entry, Athens. I hope you don't mind. For what it's worth, Brian WILL make a come-back of sorts...

Page 32: November 23rd, 2009.
Solly continues to beat up poor Brian, but something else comes up. Ooooh, the suspense!

Page 33: November 24th, 2009.
I think someone has finally put two and two together.

Page 34: November 24th, 2009.
FINALLY! The magic conclusion: It's an ILLUSION!

Actually, Athens is on to it, but Sandy might not have completely figured it out yet. She's too busy being extremely angry. But in all fairness, BB had told her back in page 20 that she was supposed to fight a contestant. Not a monster. XD

Page 35: November 26th, 2009.
The judges do not approve...

Page 36: November 26th, 2009.
Like I said before, in my entry the smoke has more than one function. It doesn't just cause hallucinations, it can also poison someone, confuse them, weaken their fighting-potential, and knock someone out. And apparently the judges are controlling the stuff...

Luckily, Sandy brought her Hypno, the Hypnosis Pokémon! Like most trainers with Psychic Pokémon, Sandy and Candy share a psychic bond, but it's a weak one. It doesn't actually allow them to talk to each other, and it's more than likely neither of them are even aware it exists. It operates on a more subconscious and intuitive level, allowing them both to sense each other's emotions and thought patterns. So Sandy freaking out before passing out triggers Candy's self-release.

But is she quite ready to deal with this situation?

Page 37: November 27th, 2009.
If you thought Solly was a bad-ass, you haven't seen what Candy can do with that pendulum!

Page 38: November 28th, 2009.
And all of a sudden everything was back to normal! Zachary the Aerodactyl belongs to possessed judge Sara (sarydactl), and Noodles the Gulpin belongs to possessed judge Isaac (ToddM). It's time for some pay-back!

Page 39: November 28th, 2009.
Aromatherapy treats injuries (at least it does in this comic), Sunny Day powers up Fire type moves and speeds up Solar Beam, Psychic 2X creates pretty flashies and team work rocks!!

Page 40: November 29th, 2009.
You can tell that I'm getting fed-up with this project. The action is getting choppy and the anatomy is questionable... Ah well... XD

Page 41: November 29th, 2009.
Solaris + Sunny Day + STAB Blaze Kick + Type Advantage = one KO Metagross. Are things finally going to quiet down now?

Page 42: December 1st, 2009.
I like messing with your little heads... heheheheh... The illusions are over? Oh really?

Page 43: December 1st, 2009.
What better way is there to end the massive monster-entry of doom, then by blowing up your own Pokémon? I don't know why, but usually it's your favourite characters who you (the artist) make suffer the most, am I right? XD

You can read my opponent's entry here. Go check it out!

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