October 2nd - 14th, 2009
Photoshop and drawingtablet

Entry for: Pokémon Super Contests
Black Tourney: round 2 (theme: 'Playing in the Dark', subtheme: Save a Judge)
Entrants: Sandy Gano, Solaris and Candy
Opponent: Dottie (Eeveegou)

My second round is against Dottie... I was really nervous about facing this character, so I went all-out, despite initially not wanting to put that much effort into it. It's quite long, so that's why I put the description at the top this time.

Page 1: October 2nd, 2009.
That Murkrow seriously scares me...

Page 2: October 3rd, 2009.

Page 3: October 3rd, 2009.

Page 4: October 4th, 2009.

Page 5: October 4th, 2009.
Introducing the judge Sandy will attempt to save this round. Her name is Kate and she's CrayolaSquirrel's character. So far, Sandy's rescue attempt is off to a great start, since she almost broke the poor girl's back. Heheh! And yeah, Solly just landed on his feet. I hope this isn't too dark for anyone's monitor.

Page 6: October 6th, 2009.
Uh-oh. With all her blunders, Sandy is starting to look a bit like Matt. Maybe she's lost her edge?

Page 7: October 8th, 2009.

Page 8: October 8th, 2009.
Dundundun!! Dottie finally makes her appearance! I really thought I would have a hard time drawing her, but it actually was rather fun. I draw way to many 'pretty' people, that much is certain. ^^

Page 9: October 9th, 2009.
I'll bet you guys thought they were going to fight right then and there, right? Wrong! It would have made this comic a lot shorter and more manageable, though. XD

Page 10: October 10th, 2009.
That Murkrow must be very brave, or perhaps just very crazy. Or maybe Solly is just too patient.

Page 11: October 10th, 2009.
I laugh at all of you who thought those feet belonged to Surt, the Metagross. Hah! Who says I can't do cross-overs?! For those of you who are unfamiliar with good old ED-209, I suggest you go read up on him. He's pretty awesome. You know, in a fires-its-guns-randomly,-malfunctions-a-lot,-easy-to-hack sort of way. XD

Page 12: October 11th, 2009.
No good deed goes unpunished.

Page 13: October 11th, 2009.
That... looks like it might have been an important part.

Page 14: October 12th, 2009.
Oh right, they were supposed to fight, weren't they? By the way, if you're wondering why Sandy keeps calling Dottie 'Lady', it's not because she didn't introduce herself. It's because Sandy has always had a little trouble remembering names, as you probably remember from reading SoL.

Page 15: October 13th, 2009.
For some reason Dottie's head keeps changing shape on me. By the way, can we have the lights back on in the next round? I know the whole dark-trip is in keeping with the 'evil theme', but it would save me a lot of time if I didn't have to do so much shading in the next round.

Page 16: October 13th, 2009.
Yeah... Like he really needed to get even bulkier. XD

Page 17: October 14th, 2009.
For those of you who are not all that into Pokémon, Aerial Ace is a move which will generally never miss its intended target, no matter what they try.

Page 18: October 14th, 2009.
And this concludes my round 2 entry. In case you didn't read the little story blurb I wrote for my introduction sheet, Sandy's other four Pokémon got locked outside of the contest hall and are basically taking turns trying to bust their way in. Will they manage to get in during the next round?

I'm soooo glad I finally managed to finish this round. I had to cut a few minor bits and pieces out of the original script (ED-209 was supposed to also fire a rocket at Solly, which would force him to take a nose dive before he got up and punched ED; Solly was also originally going to follow his Aerial Ace up with a Sky Uppercut (just because he was THAT peeved at Ernest), and in the last page they were all supposed to walk off, and Sandy was supposed to notice Solly was missing a tail feather (pecked out by Ernest)). But I think the main spirit of the plot was kept intact, so I'm happy! ^^

My opponent forfeited this round, but she did make an entry. You can check it out here.

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