July 23rd, 2008
Photoshop and drawingtablet
Requested by Sub

Here's another one of Sub's Fakemon. This one is a water/steel-type hybrid fish called Panzerarmor. It may look a little bit like Relicanth, but I'm guessing Panzerarmor is actually a fair bit faster than its rock-type cousin. It also looks more eel-like.
As it grows up, Panzerarmor will learn a variety of water, steel and normal-type attacks. Its most powerful move is called Panzer Ram. I think that move is like a high speed, steel-type head butt.

This picture allowed me to practice drawing underwater scenes. I'm rather pleased with the way this picture turned out too. I've drawn some faint nicks and scratches Panzerarmor's steel head, to indicate minor damages which the Pokémon might have sustained from fighting with its head. Judging by the beak, I'd say Panzerarmor is a carnivore and eats small crustaceans.

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