November 11th, 2007
Photoshop and drawingtablet

At level 25 Goaky evolves into Goathen. Ever since its evolution, Goathen lost most of its wild antics. It is still a very relaxed and jolly Pokémon. It spends most of its time eating (it will still eat anything). Goathen can survive in the most extreme environments. It has been spotted in deserts, but also high up on freezing mountains. This Pokémon usually won't actively go out to pick a fight, however it will defend itself when the need arrises. The mock battles it staged as a Goaky, have given Goathen the experience it needs to fight real battles. Foes are often surprised by how quickly this sturdy Pokémon can spring into action and its longs horns are formidable weapons. Most foes know better than to pick a fight with Goathen. And if this is not the case, they'll soon learn, when they see Goathen charging towards them.
Goathen has the ability 'Immunity', just like Goaky, which makes it immune to poison. Goathen's best stats are Attack, Defense and HP. Special Defense and Speed are still quite avarage and Special Attack isn't even worth mentioning. However, Goathen will hardly learn any Special Attacks on its own anyway. By leveling up, Goathen will learn plenty of normal-type moves, such as Tackle, Stomp, Horn Attack, Headbutt, Body Slam and Horn Drill. It will also learn Zen Headbutt, Double Kick, Triple Kick, Endeavour, Faint Attack, Iron Head and Reversal. Like most Rattata-clones, Goathen and Goaky have a lot of eggmoves, TM-moves and HM-moves. Goathen will learn the HMs Surf, Waterfall, Strength and Rock Smash. So it can also be a good HM-slave.
Finally, when Goaky evolves into Goathen, it will also inherit the colors and markings it had in its previous evolutionary stage. I only drew one here, because... I was feeling lazy...

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