June 29th, 2007
Photoshop and drawingtablet

If I had to guess, I'd say Blitzadra is a legendary Pokémon. He certainly has that 'legendary look' and he has an unusual type match up: Dragon/Electric. He'll probably have the Levitate ability, so Ground-types can't harm him. He has a long twisting body, big wings and long electric whiskers. In a way, Blitzadra might resembe Rayquaza, but Sub designed Blitzadra before the third generation titles were released.

I tried to draw this Pokémon with some extreme perspective, with the tail being extremly close and the head extremely far away. I hoped that this Pokémon's length would stand out this way. I also applied some atmospheric perspective (which basically means that far away objects have a lighter, often more blueish color, than objects which are closer to the viewer) to this picture. I failed, but that's ok. I also wanted to draw the dragon as if he's flying up a funnel of dark clouds, towards a bright speck of clear blue sky high above him. It was supposed to be like the eye of a hurricane, with dramatic lightning flashing all around.
That... didn't quite turn out the way I expected either. Here's a version of the picture with the lightning. It's really bad. And for some reason the lightning is arcing UP! I need to improve drawing lightning, or I might have a problem later on when I try to draw them in my comics.
Well, despite the bad background, this picture is still pretty cool.

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