April 17th, 2009
Photoshop and drawingtablet

Whenever the Dark Lord needs a break from all the Etharians worshipping him like an idol, he sneaks out of the palace and takes on an alias: Dorian. As Dorian, Mogranos is a good deal shorter than his Dark Knight form (which is gigantic), but he still has the same facial features and body proportions. In this form Mogranos goes out to do the things he really wants to do, which basically winds down to getting drunk, smoking like a chimney, partying, and getting lots of back massages.

His ministers have no idea where he is and what he's up to, so every time he disappears, they have a total panic attack. Mogranos usually disappears for two days or so. However, the Etharian government is currently trying to cover up the fact that Mogranos has been gone for several months now. None of the populace is currently aware of his disappearance, but people have noticed that the Dark Lord's broadcasts on tv are all old re-runs. It won't be long before the rumors start.

Meanwhile, Dorian/Mogranos is having a blast. He is seriously considering to never return to the capital. He occasionally runs into Keena and co. and has taken a shine to them. Hemos and Keena and their friends only know him as that strange old guy with the questionable fashion sense, who keeps popping up where ever they go. He often starts trouble for them, and sometimes fights by their side, although he takes care not to use his full power, so as to not rouse suspicion.

Mogranos has a rather sarcastic sense of humor and a cruel streak (naturally), so the 'hero' group don't particularly like him. Only Ganelon seems to somewhat look up to him, while Totar considers him a drinking buddy. Dorian makes sure he always has enough money on him, and is very generous when he's in a bar, giving away free drinks left and right. This has makes him an okay guy in the minotaur's eyes, despite his crude sense of humor and his tendency to break the legs of the people he doesn't like.

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