March 20th, 2009
Photoshop and drawingtablet

Yup. More OC's! ^__^

This is Yanko, and he's a faun (which, by the way is not the same thing as a satyr). He is part of the same group of adventurers as Hemos and Keena. In their particular world, fauns have a pretty bad reputation for being dirty, greedy little cowards. They are relatively small (males won't get much taller than about 1.50 meters), and the men in particular are well-known for developing large amounts of facial hair. The rumours about their lax standards for personal hygiene are mostly unfounded. However, you really won't find any mighty faun warriors, and most of them are materialistic to the core. They are also rather unscrupulous about who they do business with. As long there is enough money to be made, they would offer their goods to the dark lord himself.

Needless to say, they are not considered a very trustworthy bunch by the other humanoid species, which inhabit that world. The fauns themselves are quite proud of the way they live, as they are certain it will ensure their survival. Yanko doesn't deviate a whole lot from the norm of his kind. He is quick-witted, greedy, rude and a pretty big coward. He isn't very big or strong, and that's why he leaves most of the fighting to his friends. His physical condition leaves to be desired for, but he is pretty quick on his feet, which comes in quite handy for running away. He carries a double barrel shotgun for defense, but he'll usually only threaten with it, since he is a terribly shot. Besides, the gun is nearly always unloaded, not because Yanko disliked violence, but because 'ammo ain't cheap'. Although he is only 19, and therefore one of the younger members of the group, Yanko already has more facial hair than most of the men.

Although he often gets his friends into trouble, Yanko is not a complete dead weight. He is very smart, and can often think the group out of trouble. Since his top priority is self preservation, his (admittedly often selfish) actions can sometimes save the entire group from certain death. Yanko hoards items and he nearly always has something in his pack, which may save them all from a hairy situation. He's got a quick wit and a tongue to match. His jokes and his antics often brighten the mood. Yanko is also unusually sensitive to the mood of the people around him. He can often help someone out of a depression by saying just the right thing at just the right moment. Since he doesn't like being all sentimental, he will often follow up with a rude remark, thus utterly ruining the previous moment, but still... It's the thought that counts.
Yanko is also a pretty good mechanic. Unlike most of the team, he knows his way around all sorts of machines and computers. Fun fact: he's also the only one of the entire group, who knows how to drive a car. He used to be pretty proud of this fact, until he realized it meant that he was ALWAYS the designated driver. Yanko likes to drink. He likes it a lot...

All fun stuff aside, Yanko also has a slightly more serious side to him (although it's not as bad as it is in Hemos). Deep down he has an inferiority complex, which only gets aggravated as more and more skilled people get included in the group. It comes from being distrusted by almost everybody, for being a faun. It's a stigma he does not like, and yet he has no choice but to bear it. As a result, he tries to be as unlike a faun as he can possibly be. It was a more or less unconscious decision on his part, but it permeates through all his actions. For instance, Yanko does not steal from anybody (although looting a corpse is perfectly acceptable). He also tries to tone down on most of the other negative activities associated with his race, but even so, he still lies, cheats and makes rude remarks (and gestures). He gets angry when people comment on his behaviour, saying that it's what you expect from a faun anyway. Unfortunately, Yanko's personality does not allow him to respond by correcting his behaviour. Instead he will just be even more rude, thus aggravating an already bad situation.

As much as Yanko may dislike being a faun (or rather being treated as one), he is also proud to be one, which creates a very contradictory situation. He will often comment on the behaviour of the other members of the group, saying that it's suicidal, and that a faun would never think of doing it. It is in fact not entirely clear why Yanko joined the group in the first place, since it isn't a very faun-like to go on potentially dangerous adventures. Yanko himself will always say that he's in it for the money, since adventurers always get the good loot, and because he hardly has to do any fighting anyway. In reality things are a little bit more complicated than that. Ever since he was a child, Yanko dreamed of going places, seeing things, and doing great deeds. Put short, he dreamt about having adventures, although he'll never admit it.

Of all my OC's, Yanko has had one of the most intense overhauls so far. Not only has his design been significantly changed (he used to be shorter, almost naked and he used to have a slingshot *slams head into desk*), his personality and function within the group has also been expanded. Before the make-over and the identity-crisis, he was nothing more than comical relief. He had no other beneficial skills. I need to be kinder to my OC's, even the minor ones... XD

By the way, Yanko's physical appearance may still be subject to change in the future. I'm pretty happy with his body and face now, but, as always, the wardrobe may still be altered.

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