2010 Contest entry: Catwalk category
Received: October 1st, 2010
From: Vye-Brante

Vye writes: When she mentioned costume changes, my first impulse was to ... well ... draw Matt, Sub, and Sandy dressed as Ventus, Terra, and Aqua, respectively. Been playing way too much Birth by Sleep? Quite possible. I threw that out and then decided on Sandy. Originally, I was going to dress her as girly as I could because for a long time I've been having this desire to draw tom-boyish girls in girly outfits. (Same thing happened to Hillaree not too long ago. And I'm pretty sure Sandy is tom-boyish. I might be thinking wrong.)

I decided to tone it down though and just give her a change of clothes designed by me. It was just going to be a picture of her, and then I was going to try and make it epic by making her like floating and having Poke Balls around her. (Sounds weird just explaining it like that.) Then I thought that might be lazy so I should try to make it a story or gag somehow. Then this came to mind for some reason. I decided on not adding text to see if I could get some sort of story across without it. Whether or not I was successful ... I have no idea.

Although I'm sure if I were in Sandy's position, I'd be thinking, "Oh yeah, don't mind me. I'm just holding on to an impossibly high cliff, but here, why don't you take your freakin' package?!" Heh.

Of course, for this picture to make sense, you have to forgive that she just didn't send Solaris up the cliffside for her. Sandy is hardcore that way. Apparently.

Judging: Vye shouldn't be so quick to assume that she'll lose a contest, if you ask me. While she didn't win, she still made a nice entry and went with an interesting encounter to boot. I mean, delivering a package all the way up there? That takes dedication, especially since Sandy doesn't like heights!
As for the outfit; it might be a bit flamboyant to Sandy's taste, but I still like it. I particularly like those arm warmers for some reason!

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