2010 Contest entry: Normal category
Received: August 15th, 2010
From: xXlSalimuslXx

Judging: Sal was one of the first people to enter the contest, and she was THE first entrant to go with Uncia. In this case it's a Uncia leaping to attack... us, apparently. I like the pose, and it's brave of you to attempt this style, namely digital painting. That's not easy, and looking through your gallery I think you're more used to pictures based on strong line art (like me). In this case I think the tall grass doesn't quite suit the picture. Blades of grass need to be rooted in the ground, and taper at the end. The grass should also be pushed aside or flattened as the cat steps through it. And if for the next time you want to pay extra attention to shading, try adding the shadows of the grass falling on the creature's pelt. This will add an extra level of depth. In fact, keep in mind that if you do a lineless piece, you always need to pay particular attention to shading, because the shading will have to do the job your line-art would normally do: give your work a sense of clarity.

I hope these comments will help you. As always, thank you for joining my contest, and I applaud entrants who dare to take a chance on techniques they don't know inside-out.

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