2010 Mogranos Contest entry
Received: April 22nd, 2010
From: DevonianFossil

Devonian writes:

Etharian Overlords with dragons for a mount must have an armor that allows them the greatest range of motion for survival in aerial combat.

Essentially, I focused specifically on the fact that when this armor was originally designed Mogranos was flying into battle on the back of an actual dragon.
Full plate-mail wouldn't my first choice for aerial combat, as all it takes is a damaged saddle for the rider to fall a few hundred feet down to their death in suit of heavy armor, but it also provides excellent protection against the innumerable arrows that one may fly into on the battlefield.

So I decided to reduce the number of plates in favor of chainmail, and move the armor plates to locations like the exposed sides of the legs where they would be most effective in defending him while he's up in the air. The shoulder armor is relatively small to allow the most shoulder movement for combat. The breast plate only covers the ribcage region and a smaller piece shields the stomach, all to allow for a small degree of movement forward.
The small overlapping plates at the sides are designed to allows for the torso to twist, which dramatically improves the wearer's ability to counter an attack. When the torso is twisted to one side, the three plates on that side side compress together, while the three plates on the other side are pulled apart, and allowing for a little flexibility standard armor does not.

I like how much thought people have put in these designs. I really do. :)

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