Received: June 6th, 2009
From: xSheepi

This is Sheepi's part of our art trade. He decided to draw Ikale and her gryphon partner, Featherfoot. I really love the atmosphere of this, and the corrupted version of Ikale looks pretty scary.

Sheepi wrote:
Pretty standard stuff from me I suppose, I'm just doing my thing, whereby I take peoples OC's, and hideously butcher them by depicting them so out-of-character way that it makes you sick. Good times.
I sincerely apologize to you Neko, and I hope the misrepresentation of Featherfoot and Ikale (see the originals) isn't too terrible. Good little whitemage-elf people have bad hair days too... right?

Well, she may be out of character, but I still like this piece very much. There isn't really anything to say about this. Thank you very much for a great trade Sheeps! ^__^

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