2008 Contest entry: SoL category (1st place)
Received: September 5th, 2008
From: xSheepi

This beautiful entry was submitted by xSheepi, who was the first person to mix up my categories. This is gonna be a hard one to judge... xSheepi says:

I had a few options to choose from:

-Option one; was to draw something from her Web Comic: Stuff of Legend.
-Option two; was to draw her character, Blue Uncia, a lion/tiger/fox sorta hybrid.
-Option three; was to invent a fakemon.

Due to my inablitly to follow even the simplest of guidelines, I just kinda mashed options one and two together to make some sort of super crazy ultimate category... Anyways, for those of you unfamiliar with her characters, depicted is Solaris, her Blaziken from SOL, and the bigass Lion tryna eat him is a very angry Blue Uncia!

For the benefit of the competition, since making your own super category may be pushing the rules, then we'll just say that while SOL was filming, big bad Uncia jumped out and attacked Mr. Blaziken, and we'll just chuck in with the SOL gags or something.

Boy, I sure am glad I didn't have to choose the category myself. Thanks for entering, xSheepi!

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