2008 Contest entry: SoL category (Joint 3rd place)
Received: July 27th, 2008
From: Alanna Punch

Another great entry, although it did puzzle me a little bit at first. Last time I checked, there wasn't a shiny Zubat in SoL, so I e-mailed Alanna and asked her about it. Allanna said:

Yes it is Sub's Zubat but at a very young age. From your art Zubat's adult wingspan seems close to the length of Sub's arm, so I tried to draw her/it with a smaller wingspan (only about the length of the forearm) and short tails to make it seem young and cute. And reason for it eccentric coloring... for some reason I had always thought zubat was green, perhaps early game sprites were green or maybe I had a shiny once and never knew it! To make it worse, the last page of chapter 3 revealed the error after the entry was finished and impossible to alter. Zubat is drinking Sub's blood, but not as an attack. Its a moment of trust between Sub, who is hoping not to be harmed, and Zubat who is adjusting to life dependant on another. So a trainer who is willing to offer even their blood for their allies is so much more than a person forcing creatures to fight each other for the owner's profit. That's the idea, I guess it needed some explanation.

Hmm, that's pretty deep! :)

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