Received: February 27th, 2008
From: Destinie

Here's a picture I got from Destinie. She drew my Diamond team as part of an art trade. To see the picture I drew for her, click here.
Here's the description of my Diamond team, which I sent to Destinie:

1. Torterra (name: 'Meadow')
Female (looks the same as the males)
Sassy nature, 'Strongly defiant'
This is the starter, obviously.

2. Staraptor (name: 'Flutter')
Female (has a smaller spot on its forehead than males do)
Naive nature, 'Alert to sounds'
Item: Shell Bell (this Poke once wiped my bro's entire team, and he even had a Palkia! Lol. Of course, I was fighting cheap by using Double Team, but still...)

3. Luxray (name: 'Leonis')
Female (has shorter manes than males do)
Bashful nature, 'Often dozes off'

4. Gyarados (name: 'Lori')
Female (a female has white whiskers, rather than blue ones)
Lonely nature, 'Likes to run' (I have NO idea how to picture that)

5. Alakazam (name: 'Kazza')
Male (has a larger mustache than females)
Quiet nature, 'Highly curious'
Obtained this Pokémon in a trade from an NPC. Never regretted the trade. This Poke is hugely powerful, and nearly killed my Dialga with one of its Focus Blast attacks.

6. Garchomp (name: 'Rapp')
Male (has a ripped backfin, while females have intact ones)
Jolly nature, 'Often dozes off'
Most powerful Poke on this particular team.

Yup, I was bragging! ^__^

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