Here is a list of all the comics you can read on this website. Current grand total: 1. Most impressive, I know. That said, there will be more comics here one day, and there are also a number of OCT (Original Character Tournament) entries you can read right now. Some are written instead of comics, though.

For the future I have at least two sub-comics for SoL planned, as well as my original project: Amcornos.

This page was last updated on: August 31st, 2010

Started: October 28th, 2006
Current status: Active, updated every Saturday

Current Comic
First Comic
This is the story of three young Pokémon trainers and a foulmouthed little Sentret who attempt to reach the Sinnoh region, preferably without destroying too many towns along the way. As they travel, they find themselves pursued by angry wild Pokémon, ex-fans and several criminal organizations who are up to no good. Will Sandy, Matt, Sub and Zack safely reach Sinnoh? More...

SoL-related OCT entries:

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