Title: Two pages
Date: May 28th 2011
Today's comic page: 274-275

There's a double SoL update today. This is because I won't be in the position to update the comic next week. Also, like I said in the comic-comment section, I'm looking for suggestions for the Shinx's name. It's a male, and he's not really a fighter. Suggestions can go in the good old chat-box, assuming it doesn't spaz out again.


- Neko

Title: Doomsday!
Date: May 21st 2011
Today's comic page: 273

Hi guys. Here's a new SoL page, and some art. Again, sorry things are a little slow these days. I'm working on another big contest prize, so that's taking some time. Work is also being a bit overwhelming lately, so I haven't had as much time to spend on art as I'd like.

But hopefully that won't last forever. I hope you guys have a great weekend!
(You know, assuming we survive this.)


- Neko

Title: Let's do a poll again
Date: May 14th 2011
Today's comic page: 272

Hello again, guys! I'm working on yet another big contest prize, which is going to take a while to finish. So I thought, maybe it's a nice time to do a little poll again. It's been a while since the last time we had one of those.

Which group of SoL characters are you currently most interested in?

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As you may have noticed, SoL is going to be following the stories of a few different groups of people. They may not all be friendly towards each other, but that doesn't necessarily make them antagonists (and yes, we will also have some real bad guys).
My question is: is there any particular group you're starting to like more than the others? This poll will be up for a few weeks, so vote away!

I hope you guys have a great weekend.

- Neko

Title: Oh look, some art!
Date: May 7th 2011
Today's comic page: 271

I finally finished another art prize. I remember once being able to pump out tons of these every week. Oh WoW, and your silly time-consuming activities. Regardless, here's another SoL page for you too.

- Neko

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