Title: Look, I have some art this week!
Date: November 27th 2010
Today's comic page: 248

Those of you who play WoW know that the Sundering het the live servers this Wednesday. The world looks really awesome! (But unfortunately there's still no flying until you buy the expansion... *sigh*)

And on to Pokémon-related news: the fifth gen starters have had their English names revealed! I know I'm probably the last person to find out, but still. Tepig's name still makes me smirk, but the rest is alright. Now let's just hope they reveal the rest soon.

Anyway, despite WoW and everything else, I still managed to draw a SoL page and some art this week. Have a nice weekend!

- Neko

Title: Quick update
Date: November 20th 2010
Today's comic page: 247

Hi guys! Just a quick comic update today. I guess WoW is really starting to get at me, huh? Also, it seems like I'm in a bit of comic-funk. They're no rolling out as fast as I was hoping, but I still think that will change some day.

- Neko

Title: Enter Gordon...
Date: November 13th 2010
Today's comic page: 246

Hello everyone! Just a quick update to let you know there is a new SoL page, and some new art! I also received another piece of guest art, which I'll feature below. I've updated the SoL cast page with some information on the Yanma. It's on Gordon's profile page.

Have a nice weekend!

- Neko

Title: Thanks, everybody!
Date: November 6th 2010
Today's comic page: 245

Hey guys! How is everything going? I'd like to thank everybody for yesterday! It was my birthday, and on my dA account alone I received lots of congratulatory comments and llama badges, some gift art and even some virtual cake. Yum. ^^

I'm afraid that all I have in return this week is a SoL page (and it's "just" a cover page too), but I will put the gift art online as well, so you guys can see.
Some of you were wondering about the other gifts I received. Well, besides a bunch of DVDs, I'm also going to get a new bookcase. A big one. As some of you may know, I love to read and I'm also a PhD student, which means I have A LOT of books. Too many for my current bookcase, at any rate, which means that over the last few years I've had to get... creative in storing everything. But now it looks like I'll finally be able to reorganize everything so some degree. Sweet! :)

I like organized. Organized is good.

- Neko

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