Title: One week till the contest ends!
Date: September 25th 2010
Today's comic page: 239

It's another slow update this week, with just a SoL page. That said, next week there should be some more action for you guys, because that's when the big contest finally ends and the entries will be posted on this website. If you're still planning on joining the contest, that means you have one more week. There aren't that many entries yet, so anyone who joins now stands a pretty good chance of winning something.

Have a nice weekend!

- Neko

Title: Flying is fun!
Date: September 18th 2010
Today's comic page: 238

You know, back in the old days of WoW, when the first expansion came out I never played it beyond level 61 on my old Night Elf Druid. Why not? Well, the scenery of the first Outland zone was depressing, the mobs were all elites, my new gear was great but made me look like a hobo, I was broke all the time, and oh yes: you couldn't fly until level 68 as a druid (level 70 for all the other classes). And ground travel is so very annoying when you're being stormed by raging elite orcs all the time. Sure, I finally got that swift mount I wanted, but remember those things were still rediculously expensive back then. Hence the broke-ness.

Did I mention I looked like a hobo?

And people wonder why I was in Moonkin form almost all the time...

But now things are very different. My sister's helped boost my new druid to level 60, which means I'm back in Outland and now finally on my own. And guess what? Farming gold has never been easier, the mobs are no longer elite, my gear looks quite spiffy if I do say so myself, and flying form at level 60 baby! I'm not usually a fan of Blizzard cranking down the difficulty levels, but I must say that being able to just fly over all those angry mobs is fantastic. I'm now at level 62, and actually motivated to continue.

But I digress. Presumably you have not come here to hear me go on and on about some online game.
Let's talk about Black and White instead! Because that's totally not the same thing! So the new Pokémon; what do we think about them? I've heard opinions range from "best generation ever" to "what on earth were they smoking when they designed these?!" Personally, I think some of these will take some getting used to, but that was true for every generation. I remember the first time I saw a Wobbufet. I was... stunned? Is that the right word? That said, I think there are some very deliberate themes in this generation, which do not seem to occur in the previous ones. You've got your natural Pokémon versus ones associated with human environments. There is also something Egyptian going on. I also like that there are quite a lot of fighting types in this generation. Nice looking ones too.
So what do you guys think?

Anyway, enjoy today's SoL page, and the new addition to the galleries. Please don't forget about my contest. You still have roughly two weeks to hand in an entry, so go for it! And enjoy your weekend! ;)

- Neko

Title: Just a comic page today
Date: September 11th 2010
Today's comic page: 237

Hello again! Today I just have a comic page for you. Things are a bit slow lately (blame WoW), for which I'm sorry. Please know that I am working on the SoL buffer and contest prizes too. It just seems I've kind of lost my comic-mojo after finishing the BT.

I blame WoW...

- Neko

Title: Power leveling
Date: September 4th 2010
Today's comic page: 236

So, for those of you who didn't know yet, my sister finally convinced me to play WoW with her. It only took her, what... a year or something? And yeah... As I already expected, I'm kind of hooked on it now. The only thing that kind of dampens it is that our accounts are linked via the Recruit-a-Friend thing, so I get triple EXP, and whenever I'm not online because I'm busy working or drawing, my sister hijacks my account and goes Hydra on me. I log back in and find my character mysteriously gained seven levels. That's both nice and a little unnerving (and before you ask, yes she did have my permission to do that). My regular playing-style is quite slow, but since I'm a druid, a class I've played before, I'm not really missing out on much, I guess. Having a high level character right from the start also has its perks.

If anyone plays on the EU server Spinebreaker as Horde, give me a poke some time! I'm Rynanne, the feral druid.

On to other news. I've decided to extend the deadline for the summer contest a little, since there weren't a lot of entries yet. The new deadline is October 1st, 2010, which is about two extra weeks. There will be no additional extensions.

And finally, please also check out Vye-Brante's podcast, Unbeatable. It is a DPCA podcast dedicated to the ins and outs of creating Pokémon comics.

Oh, and I also updated the SoL cast page, because it was very outdated. It is now completely up-to-date and even contains a few spoilers. Have fun!

- Neko

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