Title: ...
Date: November 28th 2009
Today's comic page: 196

My PSC entry is almost done. I just have the odd 6 pages left to do. Man, I don't know WHAT I was thinking, entering a 43 page entry! Luckily the deadline has been extended a bit, or else this weekend would have been a little stressful for me. For those of you who follow me on DeviantArt, you can read the almost complete entry there. If you don't like going there, well, I'll have the complete comic up on this site by next week.

Moving on to the next topic: I need a small break from all this comic-ing. So after I'm done with PSC, SoL will NOT return to its usual double updates. I want to do a little maintenance work on the buffer, on the website in general, and I still have some other art I want to work on. Not to mention games. I want to play some games again. Soooo badly.

Thanks for understanding, and to all you Americans out there: Happy Thanksgiving! :)

- Neko

Title: Late update
Date: November 21st 2009
Today's comic page: 195

I'm late, but I'm here. Thanks for waiting. Here's today's new page. I also have five new pieces of guest art, so please take a look at them too! Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to work on my PSC entry. ;)

- Neko

Title: Busy again
Date: November 14th 2009
Today's comic page: 194

Those of you have also follow me on DeviantArt probably already know that I'm working on my next PSC entry. I went a bit overboard on this one, as it'll have 43 pages(!), of which 13 are currently done and uploaded to dA. If you'd already like to read them now, instead of waiting for me to put them on the site, then start reading here. Anyway, yeah... never again. The really want to keep the next few rounds, should I happen to get that far, down to far more reasonable sizes.

(I guess I just like to win.)

Anyway, enjoy today's SoL page, and have some cool guest art too!

- Neko

Title: One birthday later
Date: November 7th 2009
Today's comic page: 193

Well, my birthday has come and gone (though the large family party will be later today). Thanks everyone for congratulating me. I appreciate it. As for gifts, so far I got the Wall-E DVD (I love animated movies, what can I say?), World of Warcraft + The Burning Crusade expansion (someone is trying to get me addicted, methinks) and gift art from Tyto!

I'm 25 years old now... Probably too old to still be into PokÚmon, but meh... MEH, I SAY!

Anyway, today I have a single SoL page for you, as well as some new art and two new guest pictures. Also, if you're curious about the cat I mentioned last week, I posted a picture of him on my dA account. That's it for today, I'm going to work on my PSC round again. Wish me luck! It's going to be a huge entry!

Completely off-topic: I also finished the infra-structure for the database for my PhD research this week. I still need to go through a checklist, look for bugs and mistakes, create queries, fill out all the field, and so on, and so on, BUT: the main skeleton is now up! Yes, I'm happy. ^^

- Neko

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