Title: Hmmm, can't think of a title to go here...
Date: May 30th 2009
Today's comic pages: 155-156

Welcome back! Summer seems to be drawing closer. For those of you who are, or were doing exams this month, I hope it went well. :)
I've got two new SoL pages for you, as well as three new additions to the galleries. Seems I'm on a roll again. Heh. I also have the results from the popularity poll for you. Solaris came in first, with Nami being a close second. Yuk was this poll's surprising loser, with just 2 votes. In the previous poll he was top dog, so this is confusing. Maybe it's just because the cast grew quite a bit since the last poll.

Anyway, that's all I have to report this week. Have a nice weekend and enjoy!

- Neko

Title: GAH!!
Date: May 23rd 2009
Today's comic pages: 153-154

There's really only one thing I want to talk about today, and that's 'the monster'. You know, that huge piece I showed you guys last week. I've been working on it for so long this week, that I haven't been able to do any other art. It even ate into a bit of my SoL buffer, since I was only able to produce one page this week.

It's a monster. It's a monster. It's a MONSTER!!

So yeah, sorry... No art this week. Not by me, anyway, because meroe1313 was kind enough to give me some fan art. Go give her some love! Oh, and don't worry, you're still going to get two SoL pages today. Luckily, said buffer is quite large.
If anyone is interested in the status of 'the monster', you can check out last Monday's WIP here. It's not up-to-date anymore, because I have since colored the whole thing and slapped on a background. I'm currently shading it and I hope to have it done later today, or tomorrow. :)

After this crazy pic, I've got to make sure not to do any more insane projects, because I don't think my old pc can handle it.

Oh, and don't forget that this week is your last chance to take the poll. Have a nice weekend!

- Neko

Title: They are finally going to do it!
Date: May 16th 2009
Today's comic pages: 151-152

Maybe you guys already heard about it, but Nintendo is finally going to make those long anticipated remakes of Gold and Silver! The new games will be called Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Personally, I'm not too fond of those names, nor do I really like remakes, but... I really, really miss playing Silver. So I'm strangely excited about these games. Besides, a good portion of SoL's story will take place in Johto, so I could just use the excuse that I need Soul Silver as a reference. Yeah, that could work... ^___^

Ahem, aaaanyway. The new pages are up, I have a new picture in the galleries and I received a lovely piece of fan art! If you're wondering why I've been producing so little secondary art lately, it's because I've been working on this monster. As you can see, it's still not finished.

- Neko

Title: What an uneventful week...
Date: May 9th 2009
Today's comic pages: 149-150

Strangely enough, I don't have a lot to update with this week. I've got two new pages and a new picture in the galleries and that's about it. I don't really have any news either. Sorry, see you guys next week! :)

- Neko

Title: What an eventful week
Date: May 2nd 2009
Today's comic pages: 147-148

This week has been one of extremes. Last Wednesday my brother and his girlfriend got engaged. One day later, on April 30th, someone tried to attack the queen of Holland during our national holiday, Queen's Day. I didn't mention it in the chatbox this week, but it caused quite a lot of mayhem in our country. It's also been on the news abroad, so maybe you guys already knew about it.

On Queen's Day the queen and her family go out and celebrate the birthday of the late mother of our current queen. (Our current queen was born in January, so it's not a very suitable date for the open-air festivals we like to organize on Queen's Day.) Anyway, the queen and her family were in a town called Apeldoorn, riding in an open bus towards their palace. But then a nut job came and drove his car through various blockades and through the audience, in an attempt to ram the royal bus. He missed the bus and hit a monument instead, a monument dedicated to the queen's mother, of all people.

A lot of people got hurt, six bystanders were killed and yesterday the driver himself also died from his injuries. The whole incident could be seen live on tv.

Like I said, it caused quite a lot of commotion in our country, and some even say that we may never again celebrate Queen's Day as we used to do. Personally, I don't think that will happen, but it does make you stop and think about life.
One moment life seems good, when a young couple takes their first step in what will hopefully amount to many happy years spent together, and the next moment a mad man manages to shock an entire nation.

- Neko

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