Title: ^___^
Author: Neko
Date: October 25th 2008

Hello again. There's a new SoL up and I have three new pictures in my galleries, as well as a picture by my brother Matthew in my fan art gallery. Go check them out!

I also won second prize in a contest on DA, so now I have a 3 month subscription. And my local comic store has finally started shipping the Zelda manga by Akira Himekawa. Life's pretty good. :)

Title: I've been keeping busy...
Author: Neko
Date: October 18th 2008

Hey everyone! The new SoL is up, and I have also received a new fan art picture from the talented CoconutMilkyway! Well, it's actually an art trade, but that doesn't matter, because I LOVE it!

I don't have any gallery entries this week, because I've been working on that large project I mentioned last week. I SOOO never got that thing finished before today. I hope to be able to upload it tomorrow, but I can't promise anything.

So, on to the obligatory rant. I'M GONNA TURN 24 ON NOVEMBER 5TH!! I can't believe it. I feel old... :P

Title: And now it's warm(er) again
Author: Neko
Date: October 11th 2008

Well, the sun came back out again this week. I'm happy, even though my vacation is now over. Starting this week, I'll be working on my dissertation again. So you can expect the flow of art to slow down (I don't expect it will stop completely, though). I have finished most of the contest prizes anyway, so it doesn't really matter. Here are the newest pictures:

And that's it. The prize I'm working on right now is quite a big project. I hope to be able to finish it this weekend (or otherwise by the end of next week), but we'll just have to wait and see. The forums are pretty much dead right now, but I expect they'll eventually come back to life again. And that's about all I have to say this week. Have a nice weekend!

Oh right, I finally got my master's degree last Tuesday. Now I have two of 'em! ^__^

Title: It's sooooo cold!!
Author: Neko
Date: October 4th 2008

I guess it's official then. Summer's really over. This week it has gotten really cold all of a sudden. I have a cold and I'm wearing three layers of clothing... INSIDE THE HOUSE! Bah...
Well, the new SoL is up and I also have some more gallery entries for you guys. Most of them are contest prizes again. I didn't think I would be able to churn these things out quite as fast as I am, heh.

There are still two more people who need to contact me about their prizes, namely Psychic, who has won 3rd prize in the SoL category and Mimey, who has won a monochrome sketch. Your guys are of course welcome to take your time to decide what to request, but just don't forget! I want to have these things done as quickly as possible. :)

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