Title: Some breathing space
Author: Neko
Date: June 28th 2008

This week I had a some time off from my master thesis. I've come to a point that the text is pretty much done (in my opinion anyway). I just need to create the appendix and sort out the lay-out. That meant I had more time to draw this week! So I managed to create a small buffer for SoL and add some new pictures to the galleries. My to-do-list is finally starting to shrink a little!

I've also added some new links to the links page. Boy, that page is seriously started to get out of control. There must be about a hundred links on that thing. I really should redo the links page one day. In fact, there are many things I ought to redo on this website... Oh well, better focus on my art for now. Oh, and this week will be your last chance to vote for your favourite human SoL character. So go for it! :)

Title: It's all so... German...
Author: Neko
Date: June 21st 2008

Well, I survived the trip to Essen. Don't ask me how. At least I didn't have to drive there myself. We (all the Dutch researchers) carpooled together. Before we went, I had to pick out an outfit, of course. So I went with classy brown jeans and a mint-colored top and jacket. It looked classy, especially together with my brown leather shoes. But wouldn't you know it? I didn't have any matching socks! So I spent 10 minutes digging through my closet to find matching, or at least neutral (white) socks. When I couldn't find any, I had two options: 1. Change my outfit, or 2. try to find socks that more or less approached the right color. I didn't really want to change my outfit, so I wanted to find suitable socks. The problem was that the most suitable socks, which best approximated my minty-brown (mint-chocolate?) outfit were...
Purple... with pink and cream stripes...

So I wore those socks anyway and hoped for the love of all that was good, that my pants would cover my socks anyway. Unfortunately, life can be cruel. I don't know if my pants have slightly shrunk in the laundry or something, but they certainly didn't cover my festive socks. So I stuck my feet far beneath my seat and hoped nobody would notice.
When we arrived in Essen, all the other researchers there were all German. And they were speaking a lot of German. In fact, they looked at me (who really sucks at German) as if they had never heard someone speak English before. I was the only one to present my paper in English too. Most of the discussions were in German. Lunch (which was HUGE, by the way) was in German. Even the cityscape was all German, and we weren't really all THAT far from the Dutch border, let me tell you. So yeah, felt a little lost.

But I survived to tell the tale! And update the website, of course. I got two new fan art pictures, which were part of an art trade. I've also uploaded the Girafarig tutorial. Boy, that thing was HARD!

Even though a new slot has opened, you can't request any tutorials right now. I want to get the other five done first and after that I need a break. They're not as much fun to make after you've done so many. I know I may sound a little whiny, since I'm producing these things rather slowly right now, but I also want to spend my time doing other stuff than just this.
Anyway, keep those contest entries coming. You still have a lot of time to work on them. And while you are at it, please also consider joining the Disfunctional Pokémon Adventure Contest! There are great prizes to be won, and only a few entrants at the moment! DPA is an affiliate, so I'd really like you guys to pitch in, if you would. Thanks a bunch!

Hahahah! I'm such a clutz. I'm doing this art trade with Lunewen, and we agreed to first do a sketch trade, followed by a full-color trade. So I finished both trades somewhere mid May and was waiting for the return art. Today I was browsing through DA and I saw that Lunewen had already uploaded her return art for the sketch trade on May 19th. I had just totally overlooked it! Of course, I'm not psychic, and since I hadn't been told about the sketches I had no way of knowing they were up. But I still feel rather silly. So here are the sketches (yes, plural) I received from Lunewen! Thank you so very much!

Title: I need a vacation
Author: Neko
Date: June 14th 2008

Seriously. I do. Stupid master thesis... I also got volunteered to present a paper during a symposium in Essen (Germany) next Tuesday. That's not a typo; I really got volunteered. Oh well, I guess it'll get be out of my room for a day, so whatever. I don't think I've ever been in Essen either. *Sigh* Anyway, there are three new pictures in the galleries, most of which were on my to-do-list on the status page, so I'm glad they're done:

Don't forget to take the popularity poll, if you haven't done so already, and please also consider entering my contest. Oh, and don't forget to read this week's SoL!

Title: Wow, June already?
Author: Neko
Date: June 7th 2008

Time flies! It's June already. I'm still working on my master thesis, but I hope that will be done by about the end of this month. Hopefully, this will leave me with a decent summer vacation, unlike last year...
Bad memories...
Anyway, there are two new sketches in the galleries and I've received a fan art picture, which was my prize for winning one of the contests, I entered a while ago:

I've also added the artist's status page to the menu. Lately, I've been getting quite a few questions about when I'll be doing/finishing what, art-wise. From now on you can just check out the status page to see what I'm doing, what I am going to do, or what I've recently finished. I'll update this page whenever there is something to update about, so there's no need to ask me anymore.
As you can see, there is a lot for me to do, so I'd really appreciate it if you guys would lay off the requests for a while. Thanks. ;)
Also, don't forget about the contest. I have received a few entries already, but so far there have only been entries for the Uncia and the Fakemon categories. It would be kinda weird to have a SoL contest, without any entries for the SoL category, now wouldn't it? ^__^

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