Title: Nothing to report
Author: Neko
Date: February 23rd 2008

The new comic is up. Other than that, there's nothing to report. I tried to finish a picture for Sub's Corner today, but unfortunately I didn't make it in time. I'm still terribly busy for college too. :P
Don't forget to take the poll! It will close next week.

EDIT: February 24th, 2008: Last night I managed to finish this picture. It's Matthew's fakemon, Velograde. This picture was long overdue; I promised to make this thing ages ago. I'm slowly, but surely working on keeping my promises. :P

Title: So much to do...
Author: Neko
Date: February 16th 2008

The new SoL page is up. I've also done some things to the site again. I'm slowly, but surely doing the things I wanted to do... last summer... Lol. Ahem, anyway. There's a new picture in the gallery and I've also made a tutorial on how to make colored linework in Photoshop.

I've also decided to pull the plug on the old poll. It was supposed to stay up until the end of this month, but nobody was voting anymore. So I figured I might just as well start a new one. If you are curious about the previous poll's results, go to the polls page. Here is the new poll. This one will be up for only two weeks, after which it'll be replaced. That's right, no more pointlessly long polls!

What is your favourite Blue Uncia skin?

Default 1 (white skin)
Default 2 (black skin)
Default 3 (green skin)
Retro Blue (original skin)
Blazes (red skin)
Dreaming in the Sun (unanimated)
Dreaming in the Wind (animated)

(View Results)

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This poll was requested by Eloweasel. I seriously doubt anyone will vote for skin 4, 'Retro Blue', but I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Enjoy!

Title: Bah, so much for the snow...
Author: Neko
Date: February 9th 2008

The snow is gone again... The sun is shining and spring is on its way! ^__^ So many things have happened. There is a new comic up (obviously), I've added some more questions to the FAQ page and I've added a truckload of new buttons and banners to the linkspage. Slowly, but surely I'm replacing those ugly textlinks with buttons and banners... Even if I have to make them myself! There is also a new affiliate: Vye Brante from Just Gotta! And finally, I've also joined the Drawn Pokémon Comic Alliance! Here's their banner:

Drawn Pokémon Comic Alliance

If you happen to run a drawn Pokémon webcomic, why don't you consider joining? I would also like to thank everybody, who is still waiting for the tutorials and drawings they requested, for their patience. I'm currently quite swamped in homework, so I haven't been able to work on anything except for SoL. That is why everything else is put on hold. So, I really hope you don't mind waiting a little longer.

Now for something a little more serious. Since most of you also read Ace of Abra, I'm sure you already know about this. Ace is having some trouble getting a job, so he needs to start using his artistic skills to generate an income until someone hires him. If you happen to have some money and if you like his work, please consider supporting him with a donation or with a commission. You can also help him out by advertising his site for him. Ace is Blue Uncia's affiliate and you can find his site by scrolling down. Thank you!

Title: SNOW!!!
Author: Neko
Date: February 2nd 2008

Ok, you wouldn't believe this, but we actually have SNOW today! Sure, it's the kind of snow that melts when you even sneeze over it, but it's still snow. So that counts, right? Anyway, there's a new comic up (as usual) and I've also got a ton of new sketches. Most of you have already seen them, but I'll still put them on the frontpage too. There's also a drawing of Sub's Zubat. I'm pleased to announce that both Sub and Zubat will be making their first appearances on page 76! This page will be released four weeks from now! Don't miss it. ;)

Now for some bad news. Unfortunately I need to ask you guys to stop making requests for a while. Don't get me wrong, I love making them and it's also nice to see how they fill up the gallery. However, I still have lots of other things I need to work on too, so I need some time for that. Once I have some more time to work on sketches again, I'll announce it on the homepage, ok? Thanks. ^__^ Enjoy the comic!

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