Title: Tutorials!!
Author: Neko
Date: December 29th 2007

This is probably the last time I'll post a message this year! And before you ask: no, I do NOT intend to make a New Year's Eve picture. Heheheh, I'm exhausted! I'll bet you want to know why. Well, it's because I've FINALLY finished four Pokémon Tutorials! Check it out: Cyndaquil, Rattata, Hitmonlee and Mewtwo. I actually finished the first three back in November, but Mewtwo's tutorial slowed everything down. And I wanted to upload everything in one go, so there you have it. (Remember to maximize your window when viewing the tutorials!)

Now, I would like to say right now that I am NOT taking any more requests for Pokémon tutorials right now. There are six slots, and they are ALL filled up right now. So sorry, but you'll have to wait until a slot opens up again. These tutorials take more time than I thought, but I do like making them. There is also a short tutorial on how to color a handdrawn picture, which was scanned into a computer, using Photoshop. It's for all you people who don't have a fancy drawing tablet, like me.
I also received a new fanart picture, from Dimonairagon.

And, believe it or not, I've also added some more links to my Links page and I've updated the About Blue Uncia page. I hope all that makes up for today's corny page. If not... Well, I don't really care!
Happy New Year!

Title: Christmas picture
Author: Neko
Date: December 24th 2007

Well, I don't know how, but I managed to finish the Christmas picture in time, that is on the night before Christmas. How very poetic. :) This picture is pretty insane, so I hope you're ready for it.

Merry Christmas!

Title: I can be deviant too
Author: Neko
Date: December 22nd 2007

The new comic is up. Looks like both Quilava and Nami are unable to fight on. Too bad, because I really liked them both. Anyway, Christmas is right around the corner. Sadly, there won't be a special Christmas comic. I've been working really hard for uni and to get the extra long comic pages done. I might still do a small Christmas picture, but I can't make any promises. Homework comes first, and all that... Also, this week I received yet another beautiful piece of fanart from Niatasha! And also another one from my brother, Matthew!

And finally, I've decided to join DeviantART. To tell the truth, I never really saw the need to join DA, since I have my own site and all that. However, a lot of people kept asking me if I had a DA account. So I finally decided to go ahead and get an account at the site that gets new images every second! I haven't really uploaded a lot of stuff yet, and if you've already gone through my entire gallery on Blue Uncia, you won't find anything new on my DA. If you still want to take a look, just click the link below.
But I must say... DA is quite a depressing place... There are sooo many talented people there, and when I look at my own work, I realize I still have so much to learn. What really does it for me, is when I see Deviants, half my age, who make waaaaayyyy better art than me. I just say to myself that I've been getting better too, been getting better quite fast in fact. Maybe one day I'll catch up. Bah, I shouldn't be jealous of talent anyway. ;)
Check out some of the pictures I've added to my favourites, to see what I mean. There's some SERIOUS talent there. I realize there are also a lot of people who are not that great at all, but... Oh well...

DeviantART: Blue-Uncia

Thank you for reading SoL, even though its art wasn't always that great, particularly in the beginning. And thank you for putting up with my rants, my slow plots and my snailpace updates. Merry Christmas. :)
PS. You can still take the poll if you haven't done so already.

Title: Cast page is updated
Author: Neko
Date: December 15th 2007

The new comic is up! Poor Quilava; will he survive this fiery assault?
I've also done some work on the site. Last summer, I complained about being too busy to properly renovate Blue Uncia, even though the site really needs it (in my opinion anyway). So I decided to work on the site in phases. Last summer I added includes to all the pages, remodelled the galleries, added tutorials and reorganized my buttons and banners. Well, this week I remodelled the SoL cast page. It was starting to become really crowded, and it didn't look very good anymore either. Last night I finally managed to finish the new page. The new cast page is built to be able to expand forever, as more character appear in the comic. So I hope I'll be able to use this new page for a very long time.
To celibrate, I've added Sub's, Wesley's, Quilava's and Darmani's cast info! But Sub's info is fairly limited for now, because he hasn't appeared yet. Also, this week I received another beautiful piece of fanart from the talented Niatasha!

Title: Got some nice pictures for you
Author: Neko
Date: December 8th 2007

The new comic is up! Enjoy! I also have some nice new pictures for you. I already announced it on the chatbox this week, but Destinie made me some nice fanart of Sandy and her Persian, Tarim. I've added some new pictures to the galleries as well. There are two new fakemon, Goaky and Goathen, and also an old drawing of a centaur and a sketch of Typhlosion in my own style, which was requested (more of less) by CyndaquilRules on the Serebii forums. I'll admit that I already drew most of these pictures a while ago. At first I wanted to update them all in one go, together with another project I'm still working on. But I got tired of waiting, so I'm publishing them today! ^__^

So far, 72 people have taken the poll. Most of them came from either one of the affiliates or from Tomgeeks. If you haven't taken the poll yet, please scroll down and vote. I'd really appreciate it. Thank you!

Title: December?! ALREADY?? o_o
Author: Neko
Date: December 1st 2007

Hello people. Here's today's comic. ;)
Also, I've added some more links to the linkspage and I'd like to draw your attention the large green banner below. As you can see, I've joined a webcomic's collective called 'Tomgeeks'. It's basically an all female collective... for female webcomic artists, that is. Now I'm not a feminist or anything, but... GIRLPOWER!! Lol.
So, are you a girl/woman and do you run a webcomic? Then you might consider joining Tomgeeks too. The quality of the art doesn't really matter, as long as you update regularly. You only need to link back to Tomgeeks. There are no additional obligations, you get a nice banner on a popular site, generating some nice exposure, and its founders run some of the most popular webcomics on the web! Cool...


Also, please take this poll. If this works out, I will probably organize other polls in the future too. I just want to see how my advertising campaign worked out so far, and I'm sure you must be curious about where everybody else came from too.
Either take the poll right here, or go to the polls page. Thank you! ^__^

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