Title: Jay for Internet!
Author: Neko
Date: November 24th 2007

Most of you already knew this, but I got my Internet connection back last Saturday evening. Bliss! I got my FTP program back online and I did some minor things to the site. First of all: page 62 of SoL is up, so go check it out!
There is also a new affiliate: Mimey, with his comic: Pokémon Battle Dimension. I'm curious to see how this one will turn out to be. :) I've also added him, and lots of others to the links page. You can also find Fenlay's budding comic there.
You've probably also noticed by now that I messed around with Blue Uncia's layout. I moved some of the links from the Quicklinks to the regular menu. The link to the styleswitcher is no longer called 'Skin this website', but 'Styleswitcher'... because... That's how I've always called it anyway. I also made a miniature stylswitcher in the Quicklinks bar. Just click one of the 7 little squares to change the skin. I got the idea from DPA. Now you can switch skins on every page you want, without having to go to the actual styleswitcher page. That page is unnavigateable and horribly out of date too. I should really look at it, when I have some time... Meh, I'll save that for later... ;)

And finally, I also added a lot of new SoL avatars to the Sol extras. Some of them contain spoilers, so you've been warned. :)

Title: And still... no Internet
Author: Neko
Date: November 17th 2007

Heheheh... Still Internetless, but at least now we've finally ordered a virus scanner. You see, after my computer got eaten by virusses and my bro and me formatted it, he sort of forbade me to reconnect the Internet until I got a new virusscanner. One that wasn't Norton. So I ordered NOD 32 from my uni's webshop. It sells the software to students like me, for with an enormous discount.
Unfortunately, the webshop happened to choose this excact moment to pick a fight with NOD 32 so they won't sell their software anymore, and they cancelled all standing orders... Including mine... Without telling me... and so I waited... Finally my sister and me e-mailed the webshop and after a week (!!) we finally got a reply, explaining what happened.
Well, the problem's almost solved now. We found another good selller and ordered NOD 32 there. And that's where we are now. As soon as we get the scanner, I'll install it. And after that I'll plug the Internet back in. Once I get Internet back, I'll be able to do work on the site again (which I really wanted to do for a long time now). And that's basically it. :)

Of course, there a still a few things I can do. First of all, the new comic is up. Yesterday I also uploaded the SoL sprites Mimey made for me, to the fanart page. I also fixed a bug in the code of the SoL archives, which caused it to be displayed wrong (turns out I made a really, REALLY silly mistake, heheh). And last but not least, I finally got around to fixing a silly typo I made in the Just Gotta gag I made for Vye Brante in September.

Now for some other good news: my last birthday present arrived in the mail today. My sister and my mother got me Manga Studio Debut! :)
It's software for making black-and-white comics. Don't worry, SoL won't become black and white, but I was hoping to be able to use it for some other projects in the future. I heard great things about this software, so I'm really excited about trying it out. ^__^
Thanks for the lovely gift!!

Title: Still no Internet
Author: Neko
Date: November 10th 2007

The new comic is up, so go check it out! There's no other news today. I still don't have an Internet-connection on my computer, so I can't do any serious work on the site. It's also the reason why I don't come to most of the forums anymore... Sorry...
Anyway, thank you all for whishing me a happy birthday! I had a very good time.

Title: Imageshack
Author: Neko
Date: November 3rd 2007

It's November! November 5th is my birthday, so no wonder I'm a little psyched, eh? I still, don't have an internet connection on my computer, so unfortunately I can't do any mayor work on the site. I guess we'll just have to wait some more... Anyway, check out today's comic: the first superlong comic! Enjoy.

Last week somebody called Eevee said he or she had some fanart for me, but didn't want to send it over the e-mail for privacy reasons. First off, I really appreciate that you were willing to take the time to make me some fanart. I really do, and I'm totally interested in seeing it. And if it's alright with you, I'd also like to show it on the site.
As for the fact that you don't want to e-mail it; I understand your hesitation. Although I don't know how I could abuse your e-mail address (and even if I did know, I certainly wouldn't do it), I understand how you feel about revealing your real name to people you don't know personally. A few years ago I probably would have hesitated to use my personal e-mail for these sort of things too.
However, there is a solution. I already posted it in the chatbox, but I didn't know if you read it or not. So that's why I'll repeat it here, on the front-page. If you want to send me a picture, but you don't want to use e-mail, you can use an imagehoster called Imageshack. Imageshack is a free imagehoster, that doesn't require any registration whatsoever, so you can upload an image directly from your own computer, without ever having to identify yourself. Imageshack can be a little confusing to first-time users, so I'll briefly explain how it works.

1. Go to their site, and you will see a page that allows you to browse (see picture) through your own computer.
2. Select the image from your computer and click 'Host it!'. You don't need to check any of the boxes. Keep in mind that you can't upload an image if it's larger than 1.5 MB.

3. After a while your image will be uploaded and you'll be redirected to a rather confusing page, showing various links which lead to your image. Ignore all, but the last one. Imageshack often changes its layout, but I believe the link you'll need is currently located at the very bottom of the page. There is a link called 'Direct link'. That's the one you want. Copy the link in that box.

4. The last step is to go to Blue Uncia and to paste the link into the Chatbox. Then just post the message and the link will become clickable. Make sure the link works properly and after that your all done! :)

I hope that makes everything clear and I look forward to seeing your fanart Eevee. ^__^

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