Title: Nocturnal concerts
Author: Neko
Date: 24 February 2007

Check out the new SoL! I'm kind of proud of this page. ^_^
As for the kitty, two weeks have passed and nobody has come to claim her. This sort of means we could keep her if we want to. However, my mother isn't too keen on keeping her, unlike my sister. We'll see who has the strongest will in a while, but... my money is on my sister. Tess herself is probably not pregnant afterall. Last Thursday she came into heat, and cats can't be in heat and pregnant at the same time. It's both amusing and annoying at the same time to have a cat like that in the house. Tess is so pumped up on hormones right now, that she's ready to mate with just about anything. However, she's also noisy and oozing liquids I don't even want to know about, from her bottom . It's funny to see how her attitude towards Tiger has suddenly changed. He may be old, fat and 'helped', but he's still a man... sort of... It's even reached a point where it's really annoying him now and he sometimes has to beat her of himself. Not that this discourages Tess. She just keeps coming.
It's also become a bit bothersome for me, as Tiger sleeps in my room and Tess likes to sneak in at night and 'sing' to us. She also likes to seduce my alarm clock at 4 o'clock in the morning and sit her soggy bottom down on expensive hardware such as my pc, my scanner and my Wacom tablet. Ah, to be in love...

Title: Pregnant!
Author: Neko
Date: 17 February 2007

Not me! The kitty! Well, she might be pregnant. We'll know for sure in a few weeks time. The vet says she's only about 7 months old or so and she isn't chipped. It's been a week now, so there is a chance that the cat was abandoned for whatever reason. For now we've named her Tess. She's cute and all that, but she is terrorizing my cat. My cat Tiger is a big 12 year old tomcat. Basically he's a veteran when it comes to fighting other cats, but he hasn't laid a paw on little Tess yet. Maybe it's because she's just a small girl and he doesn't want to fight her. She is really scared of him though, but she sometimes goes after him anyway. Hissing and growling at him and making bluff charges which he is totally unimpressed by. I don't undertsand why she does it if she's so scared of him. It's getting on his nerves too, so sometimes he drives her into a corner just by slowly walking up to her. It totally freaks her out, but Tiger always backs down again.
I just don't get it. I thought I understood cats...
As for my grandmother, I'm afraid there hasn't been any changes in her situation. She seemed to be doing a little better, but then went and had another attack two days ago. There really isn't anything anyone can do.

Title: Phew... What a week!
Author: Neko
Date: 10 February 2007

Well, this week I got good news and bad news. The good news is that I got my internships (finally)! And it wouldn't have been possible without my teacher, so let's hear it for her!! The bad news is that she also made me redo a part of an assignment I appearantly messed up. Well, I guess she was probably right. It's almost done now anyway. Yesterday my brother found a stray kitty at the trainstation. It followed him home and now she's running the place. I called the pound to see if anyone was missing a young cat. They gave me the number of a woman who was missing two young female cats, one black and white and another red, black and white. So I called her to see if this was one of those cats. As it turned out this woman barely spoke Dutch. It was enough for me to understand her though. I asked her if she was missing a cat and she said she was missing a red, black and white one. Oh dear. I told her that the one we found was black and white. It didn't take long for me to realize there had been a mix-up. The woman was not missing two cats, but just one. And it wasn't black and white at all. So I told her that the pound had given me the wrong instructions and this probably wasn't her cat afterall. She understood and started to cry. Her cat had been missing since the beginning of February, so it probably was outside during the snowstorm a few days ago. Well, she thanked me for calling anyway, but naturally I felt quite bad about the whole situation.
Apart from all that, my grandfather is moving to a new room in the home. This means my mother, aunt, brother and sister are helping him to move all his stuff. I need to stay here and look after the house, the kitty (I think it wants to make a meal out of our budgies) and dinner. As if all of that wasn't enough for one week, my grandmother seems to have had a minor epileptic attack today. This was probably caused by the whole ordeal from last week. We'll just have to see how she holds up now. My mother and aunt dropped what they where doing at my grandpa's and went to see my grandmother.

So that was my week. It's been special. Well, despite that, there is a new SoL up today. Like I said, I work in advance so I can cope with situations like these. Man, I need my buffer back and fast!

Title: No longer under construction! ^_^
Author: Neko
Date: 3 February 2007

Well, this week I spent some serious time on Blue Uncia. As a result, there are almost no more empty pages with 'Under construction' notifications. So here's a list of everything I did so far:
1. I created a contact page with an e-mail address specifically for Blue Uncia
2. I organized the links page and added a lot more links to various websites
3. The About Blue Uncia page is finally completed and up-to-date again
4. I added information about the SoL-updates to the Comics overviewpage
5. The SoL introduction- and extraspages are no longer under construction and the castpage is almost done
6. There is a new SoL-themed skin, called Dreaming in the wind, and it's animated (OOOOOOOHHHH)
7. And last but not least, there is yet another new SoL comic for you to read!

The SoL castpage is still partially under construction, but that's because I don't want it to give too much away. I dont want to spoil the surprises in the comic. There are also STILL two closed galleries, but there is a reason for that. So please be patient.
Actually, there is another thing I did with the site. I changed a few things in the copyright text below each page, but nobody ever looks at that. ;)

Anyway, now comes the bad news. My grandmother took a tumble and broke her arm right beneath the elbow last Thursday. They had to operate her and put pins in her arm. She was released from hospital yesterday, but she's probably still very confused. Especially since she has Alzheimer's too. Add to this that uni will start again next week and you'll understand what I'm trying to say. It might be while before I can work on the website like this again, but then I already did so much this week... I'll try to not let it affect the SoL-updates though.

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