Title: What is he up to now?
Author: Neko
Date: 25 November 2006

Matt is up to no good! Check out the new SoL! I'm also going to work on one or two new SoL skins and some matching banners. I can't help myself; I've tried to stop myself for quite a while now, but I can't do it anymore!!!
Must... make... more skins!!!

Title: That's just mean...
Author: Neko
Date: 18 November 2006

The new SoL is up. Poor Matt is in for a harsh surprise... I've also started working on the Comics overviewpage. It's far from finished, but eventually I'd like to list serveral comics there, for people to choose from. Like I already said before, I intend to write other comics too some day.
Right now however, you'll only find SoL on this overview page and the page itself still needs quite a bit of work...

Title: Woohoo!!!
Author: Neko
Date: 11 November 2006

Last Sunday was my birthday and we had the whole family over. My mother, brothers and sister got me a drawingtablet with a stylus for my pc. I can use that for my drawings and comics! Now that's what I call a thoughtful present! ^_^
On to webrelated stuff: the Bio page is up, which you can find in the menu to the left. It used to be called 'About the Author', but frankly I thought that it sounded rather lame. In the Bio you can find everything you ever wanted to know about me, or at least everything I'm willing to tell you about me... Heheh... It's nothing personal. Don't worry, you won't find my social security number in there or anything like that. The Bio will probably undergo changes through time, but that's because a Bio is never really finished, right?
Also, the new SoL is up! Check it out!

Title: A bit ahead of schedule
Author: Neko
Date: 3 November 2006

It seems that drawing one page a week isn't as hard as I thought it would be. I have a big test coming up next week, so I spent most of my time studying, or else I might have drawn a bit more this week. I've also started working on my Bio page, which shouldn't take too long to finish... Heheh... When it's done, you'll be able to read all about me! Not that'll be all that interesting. ;)
You'll also find that the SoL archive page is up. And there is the new comic, as you might have already guessed. It's basically a setting page; the story starts in Vermilion City. Bear with me; I'm not as good at drawing landscapes as I am at drawing figures.
And finally... I made a huge mistake, colossal! I had a handdrawn logo for Stuff of Legend. I was mighty proud of it too, because I had spent two or three days drawing and coloring it. Yesterday I finally showed it to my older brother who, even though he has dyslexia, immidiately noticed that I had mispelled the word "legend". It said "Stuff of Ledend". Imagine my horror! So today I made a new logo on Photoshop. It's not too interesting to look at, so I might still change it one day. Well, at least it's spelled correctly this time... I've decided not to alter the concept images of the characters in the SoL gallery. They still show the old logo, as a reminder to myself. When you work on something too long, you simply don't notice its flaws anymore... Remember to take a break now and then...

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