Title: Glitch-bustin'
Author: Neko
Date: 30 September 2006

And if you go to the comic page, you'll... still find the under construction notification... That can't be helped. I've been really busy at uni lately. However, I did fix a small glitch in the menubar (it was nothing serious, but I still thought that I'd better take care of it) and I have added some banners to the Link to Blue Uncia page, which is up in the quicklinkbar. In case you'd forgotten.
So anyway, you can actually use a banner/button now, if you want to link to me. I have to admit that the number of banners won't exactly blow you skirt up (nor will their quality), but more (and better ones) will be added in time. You can count on that! And finally, I've also put up some links (two) on the Links page. Well, it's nothing fancy really. One links to Serebii, which you really should be familiar with if you're a Pokémonfan, and the other takes you to PSO-World... Anything and everything for all things PSO. Another must really...
So, in the unlikely case you'd forgotten where to find these two giants, this is where you can find their respective links! So erm... enjoy...

Title: I still need a story...
Author: Neko
Date: 23 September 2006

Well, I'm working on it. Really. But for now I have given all the galleries some content. Well, except for two. The Amcornos and PSO gallery will remain closed for now. Why? It's a surprise! A really big surprise! Just be patient for now.
Oh, and I've also put up a little menu above each individual gallery, to make it easier to view each of them. I will add content to the remaining empty pages as soon as I can. I realize that things still a bit dull around here, but at least there is something to do now, apart from changing the website's skin every three minutes. That's what I was doing up till now anyway. Lol
I will also see if I can add a comment system to the homepage at a later date, but that's not a priority for now, since the website is still offline only. Still just talking to myself. Should I seek professional help? And is this Blue Uncia's two month anniversary? Already? Time really does fly, doesn't it?

Title: And I never break a promise!
Author: Neko
Date: 15 September 2006

The unthinkable has happened: I updated this page twice in the same week!! Well, it wasn't that dramatic. I've simply added some pictures to the Uncia gallery for your amusement. Go check it out. I'll upload more later. I've also done some thinking, about what to do with Blue Uncia. I've decided that putting up a webcomic might be amusing. I'm currently working on two projects. One will be a serious story with an epic storyline (I hope) and won't be finished for a LOOOOONG time to come... seeing... how I haven't even started drawing it yet. To fill up the big boring gap of time between now and then, I will (eventually) start putting up a more silly webcomic about Pokémon. That's right, Pokémon. It will be a bit like other Pokémon-webcomics, such as 'Ace of Abra' and 'Whisper Thy Name', except of course it'll be totally original! Really!
But first... I'm gonna have to go draw it, and ermmm... I'm gonna need a story...
Oh bugger...

Title: Time to add some content, wouldn't you agree?
Author: Neko
Date: 13 September 2006

Well, I'm back again. First of all: School has started again... And that means less time to spend on Blue Uncia. Well, it's unfortunate, but it has to be this way, right? I mean an education is important afterall... I sqeezed in some time for my website though. I've added a new page to the quicklinks bar: the 'Link to Blue Uncia' page!! If you like it here and if you own a website, you can pick a banner there to link to me! ^_^
Of course... That does mean that I should put up some banners first...
And I will... eventually...
Aaaaaanyway... I've also started working on the gallery page. It has a nice overview of all the different subgalleries, which are... empty... right now, but content will be added soon! I PROMISE!!! ;)

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