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Stuff of Legend
This is the story of three young Pokémon trainers and a foulmouthed little Sentret who attempt to reach the Sinnoh region, preferably without destroying too many towns along the way. As they travel, they find themselves pursued by angry wild Pokémon, ex-fans and several criminal organizations who are up to no good. Will Sandy, Matt, Sub and Zack safely reach Sinnoh?

I've been a bit of a Pokemon-nut almost from the very beginning. I've played every generation to come out on the handhelds, and most of the early 3D games as well. Though I'm no longer as hard-core about it as I used to be (I used to own over 200 level 100s; crazy I know), I still really enjoy the franchise.

In the Fall of 2006, after I set up the frame for my website, I decided to make a Pokemon comic to give the site some content. That comic was Stuff of Legend. To be honest, at first I didn't think SoL would be successful. SoL was, and still is, a practice comic. I use it to learn about comics, practice my drawing skills, and develop my writing skills. The idea was that I'd keep it up for as long as it took me to become confident enough to work on my original stories. Here I am, six years later, with my original projects shelved and SoL still running fairly strong. Funny how that goes.

Now before you start reading, you might like a warning beforehand: I really had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started on this project. It was one of those 'just try and learn on the fly' kind of projects, and oh boy ... the first bunch of pages certainly show the learning curve. I'm not redoing them, though. Leaving them up is a good way to show off them roots. And maybe somebody will be able to pick up some do's and don'ts by reading them (here's a good one: pre-planned plots are your friends).

Also. I'm actually rather lazy.

SoL is rated PG13 for violence, mild language and subject matter. Also, when you read the comic, you'll probably notice that I draw Pokemon the way I like them. SoL not necessarily loyal to the official design. This is just my style. All human characters belong to me, unless stated otherwise in the cast page and the descriptions underneath the individual pages. The copyrights to Pokemon in general belong to Nintendo. SoL is a fan work and nothing more.

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