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About Us

This website was started when I was talking to Ace (the artist from Ace of Abra, a now dead Pokemon webcomic) about Pokemon Webcomics. We had noticed that there were so many sprite-based comics and the comics that were hand drawn were sort of neglected and not as popular. They needed to be unified in a way that people could easily access their pages. He was putting together a list until I asked him to take over the project and make a site that the artists could find on their own and join at their leisure.

DPCA stands for the Drawn Pokemon Comic Alliance and is pretty much self-explanatory. It's a webring that focuses to unite artists. But what is a "drawn" comic? Drawn comics are sequential art that is done using traditional media [Such as ink, pencil, paint, markers, etc-] or digital media [drawing in painter, photoshop, illustrator, etc]. But why no sprites? We have found that there is a surplus of webcomics that are based off of video games that feature sprites characters, so much in fact, that they seem to dominate the fancomic genre. Sprite comics usually focus on humor/parody aspects of a webcomic while a drawn comic can be flexible and leave room for many different genres. We want to bring together the artists who work to draw fancomics with diverse genres and storylines. Drawn comics also allow the artist to create visual personalities and to better portray their own characters rather than characters straight from the game. DPCA encourages originality!

If you have a comic and want to join, please head here now. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

The directory was formed in 2007 but As of October 26th, 2010 the directory has had a large change. Most of our interactive features can be accessed only through our Deviantart group. Our DA group was formed to bring together artists (because most of us are on DA these days) in a group setting. There we have helpful news, tutorials, chats, and folders to display art. If you're listed at DPCA it would be worth your while to look into our DA account. Again, this site now merely lists comics. I no longer have the time to run periodic updates and checks, I apologize if some comics posted are out of date or have not updated in some time.


The views/interests, stories, and characters represented in the websites listed belong to their original owners. DPCA takes no credit in the creation of the comics and has no association with their work. Artwork created by comic owners should not be redistributed/taken without the proper consent of the artist. Failure to comply with the artists wishes becomes theft.

DPCA is not affiliated with the Pokemon Company, Nintendo, or Gamefreak. This is a fansite that was made to list Pokemon-themed comics. All characters [Pikachu, etc] and Pokemon [Pocket Monsters] and trademarks are property of their original owners. We do not encourage theft of any kind.

DPCA is a non-profit website.

Terms of Usage

These terms are regarding the website and its use.


DPCA is a webring that lists comics that are done my either traditional or digital means without the use of sprites. DPCA is also responsible for posting submitted guidlines by members and also any classified ads. The webmistress of DCPA will not misuse the e-mails that are given to her when submitting the website. If for any reason a correct e-mail is not given, the website will still be listed but notifications will not be sent to the artist. The DPCA website is to be used as a resource and not to be abused. Spam e-mails will automatically be deleted.

Use by members

Members may have their comics listed, submit guidelines, and use the classified feature. In submitting your site, you agree to:
  • Not use this site to spam or harass other artists.
  • Place a link back to DPCA on your website (via text link, button, or banner).
  • Update your Site semi-frequently.

  • Failure to comply to these terms will result in having your website removed from the list.