January 4th, 2009
Photoshop and drawingtablet

This is my entry for icyookami's contest. This is Victor, a character from icy's webcomic, When Ignorance Fails. Victor is a vampire (and a vegetarian). He thinks he's a villain but he really isn't. I think he's probably also the most popular character of the entire webcomic. In fact, I think about 75% of all the other entries will also feature him. XD
One of the other fans of this comic, KageRyu798 has even given Victor a rather extravagant nickname. His current nickname is:
Vexingly Vicefully Venerable Vulnerable Vulgar Visceral Vicious Veracious Voracious Villainous Violent Visage-Vandalized Victimizing Vegetarian Vyatka Vampire, Victor.

Eighteen fangs.

Just about every time Victor reappears in WIF, Kage adds more stuff to the poor guy's nickname. Personally, I think this is almost as funny as the comic itself, which is why I included it in my entry.

There really was going to be a background for this picture, but then I got bitten by the lazy-bug, so... Well, truth be told, I'm currently a bit too depressed for backgrounds anyway. I hope that doesn't matter.

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