July 30th, 2008
Photoshop and drawingtablet

This is my entry for the carousel contest (horse category) of silverglass19, the author of the comic Everlee. The comic is about a group of wild horses, as well as about a bunch of wolves and mice. The assignment was to draw any of these characters as carousel animals.
In true Charlotte-style, I totally went overboard on this picture. Again. Instead of just choosing one character to enter, I chose six. I just couldn't pick one. The first character is Minthe, the rather mean matriarch of the herd. She's the freckled mare on the left. I wanted to draw her proud and arrogant looking, with the joke being the giant lump of strawberry icecream dripping down her face and neck. Unfortunately, Minthe came out looking very friendly, which is totally uncharacteristic, but I didn't feel like going back in to change it.
The other five characters are a group of mice, known as the Cubby family. I changed them into horses and stuck them in front of a white carriage. It was supposed to be a reference to Cinderella, but I'm not sure if I managed to pull it off. And finally, because I was feeling a little playful and because I seemed to have a gap in my composition, I decided to add a character of my own. In the background, I've drawn my three-tailed lion, Uncia as a carousel animal. And yes, that's me riding him. I've always wanted to ride a Uncia! I'm just a big kid, really... I don't know if adding a character of my own will jeapordize my chances of winning, but I don't think I ever really stood a chance anyway, because there are many beautiful entries for this contest already. And I'm not very good at drawing equine anatomy or their riding gear.

But the main thing is to have fun, right?
This picture was scaled down to fit your monitors. Here's the fullsized version.

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