July 13th, 2008
Photoshop and drawingtablet

My part of an art trade with Kohdok, the writer of the webcomic For Your Eyes Only. These are two characters from Kohdok's comic, called Benjamin, a.k.a. Ben (left) and Sandra, a.k.a. Sanny (right). To understand this picture, you should actually read the comic itself, I can briefly summarize the plot. A girl called April finds an old Egyptian necklace in her attic and tries it on. As it turns out, the necklace is enchanted and it becomes attached to her neck. Unfortunately, the necklace was intended for male users, rather than female ones, because once April falls under the effect of the necklace's magic, every girl who looks her in the eyes will fall wildly in love with her. The spell on these girls will only be broken after they kiss the unfortunate April. So... basically, she gets kissed a lot. Sandra and Benjamin are April's friends and they are two of the few people who know about April's situation.

I'm quite happy with the way this picture came out. Most of the anatomy looks alright (yes, Sanny works out a lot) and the poses came out exactly the way I wanted. I had various ideas for the text on April's shirt, such as:
'Shadap 'n kiss me already!'
'Kiss me, fool!'
'C'mere!' (picture of pouting lips)

Anyway, here is the picture I got from Kohdok.

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