January 31st, 2008
Photoshop and drawingtablet
Requested by Vye Brante

Vye Brante requested a sketch of an Oddish and a Marill. I assume that the Oddish is Daisy, from Vye's comic, 'Just Gotta'. Daisy is best friends with a wild Marill she encountered, even though they've only met each other, like... what... a few hours ago? Meh...
Anyway, this is the first more or less monochrome sketch I've done in ages. I simply felt like doing one of those again. ^__^

Hmmm... Maybe this actually belongs in the webcomic fanart gallery instead... Oh well, whatever...

EDIT: March 9th, 2008: Moved this picture from the Pokémon gallery to the Webcomic Fanart gallery. That's where it belongs. ;)

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