August 12th, 2007
Photoshop and drawingtablet

Another picture for Pokémon X! I keep getting ideas for fanart for this webcomic... The idea for this picture was already in my head for a few months. A few days before I actually started drawing it, I saw the old Balto movie. The original one. It's about that lonely wolfdog who saves the little kiddies in Nome Alaska from dying from some scary dicease, by bringing them the antidote. It's a real children's movie, but it's nicely drawn. For some reason, I usually look at the way a cartoon is drawn before I look at the actual story. Anyway, after seeing that movie I guess my style was temporarily influenced. Rocky looks extremely Balto-fied, altough I think it looks rather cute.
I always think of Mightyena as a dog, rather than a wolf. And you play fetch with dogs, right? So since Rocky is a shiny, I started thinking of him as a Golden Retriever. It's a rather silly joke, but I couldn't shake it. I had to draw it. I think I may have messed up the perspective a bit, since it should look as if the viewer is looking down on Rocky. In stead, I think it looks like poor ol' Rocky has short, little legs. Oh well, maybe I'll get it right next time...

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